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How We've Done over 7 Figures (And Growing) With Our Simple 3-Step Webinar Process...

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THURSDAY, JUNE 30th @ 2pM est

From the desk of Stefan Ciancio…

Co-Founder, WebinarKit

Hi, I’m Stefan Ciancio here!

If these days you find yourself struggling to get consistent sales of your flagship product or service, or are feeling stressed wondering how you could possibly stand out from all the competition…

What I am about to share with you could end up giving you what you have been desperately needing for a long time…


Not just any webinar… a carefully structured one designed to help position you as the ONLY person your potential customer will want to work with…

As the LEADING authority in your industry to help you make more sales easier than you ever thought was possible…

And once you HAVE that webinar, you need to set it up to sell for you all day every day. Confused? No problem, I’m going to show you everything in just a couple of hours.

Proudly Presenting...

The Webinar Transformation WORKSHOP

Webinars transformed my own business and allowed me to scale my course sales, coaching program and monthly agency service for my previous agency…

And I ended up loving webinars so much, I co-founded a Webinar software!

I learned through years of experience not only how to craft powerful webinars that establish authority and generate more sales…but also how to automate the process.

$47 Free - Limited Time!

WEBINAR DATE: 6/30/2022

TIME: 2 Pm est

During The Webinar Transformation WORKSHOP,
We’ll Be Covering The 3 Pillars of Webinar Success:

Pillar 1

Why webinars work so well… & how to make one super successful

Pillar 2

Getting people to your webinar and goal setting – How to grow while keeping it simple!

Pillar 3

Automation and scaling: Sell more with webinars, even without presenting at all!

More Specifically, You’ll Discover:

How to SELL (Start Getting Sales): Learn the easy "sales engine" that predicably brings in course sales, software sales & demos, booked calls and clients... and how anyone can set it up 
How to ATTRACT: Don't go chasing clients or sales. Build a system that attracts ONLY the qualified leads to you. (No more low quality customers or unqualified sales calls!)
How to SCALE (Make Way More): Learn how your simple slideshow webinar can cause your business to scale FAST...with or WITHOUT your permission
How to AUTOMATE (Work Way Less): How to scale your business up, running 100+ webinar presentations per month without needing to go live a SINGLE time but still giving a live feel, while answering chat questions in the process
How to ACHIEVE PEACE OF MIND & EMPOWERMENT: Learn why this type of system is so powerful that it actually causes you peace of mind when it comes to the growth predictability of your business
How to BUILD AUTHORITY: Learn what works when it comes to becoming seen as a lead authority in your niche, where your potential customer see's no one else besides you as a viable solution to their problem
How to ENJOY WHAT YOU'RE DOING: If you have clarity, you are no longer frustrated, overwhelmed or lost. With the right sales engine...growing your business becomes enjoyable. Come learn what that system is and why it works so well.
How to DOMINATE ALL COMPETITION: Come see why this sales engine makes it difficult for anyone to pick the competition over you (get this wrong and you'll be really behind)

Webinars Work for ALL Coaches & Most Other Businesses!


Coaches/Course Creators


SAAS Businesses


Marketers wanting their big breakthrough at their company

Real Estate Companies



Across Almost All Niches

Health, Fitness, Wealth, Finance, Internet Marketing, Meditation, Relationships, Parenting… and almost any type of niche you can think of…

I’ll Be Sharing The Same Strategies
That Personally Allowed Me To:

Go from struggling to sell courses to over 7 figures in course sales

Take my phone close rate for coaching and agency sales to 50-75%

Build SAAS sales in competitive spaces by standing out easily

Easily make my products or services stand out from the competition

Build a predictable, hands off stream of leads, clients and sales in my business every single week

Sell way more while automating and doing far less work

$47 Free - Limited Time!

WEBINAR DATE: 6/30/2022

TIME: 2 pm est

Go ahead and grab your spot, and further instructions will await you on the next page.

Can’t wait for you to start crushing it.

See you soon,

Stefan Ciancio

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the training workshop start?

The webinar will be held on Thursday, June 23rd at 2pm EST. Be sure to show up a few minutes early to guarantee your spot.

What are the prerequisites?

You should have or work for a business that wants to get more qualified leads and more sales faster with a webinar presentation… or be an agency learning about how you can create webinars for your clients.

Do I need any experience for this?

No, that’s why you’re attending. This webinar is perfect for beginners to get a bird’s eye view of the power of webinars as well as strategies to grow.

What type of business is this for?

Webinars can work for almost all types of businesses selling products or services!

Who should not join the webinar?

Someone looking to get rich quick or doesn’t have/work for a business in some capacity related to wanting to sell more while automating.

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