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Turn Your WebinarKit Account Into a Passive Marketing Agency And Scale Your Own Passive Recurring Income...

With one click, we’ll add in a massive slew of features that let you manage high-paying clients with just a few clicks…. We’re even going to show you how to land these monthly paying clients (that you’ll manage with minimal effort needed using this upgrade…)

…without any experience, EVER having to get on the phone, and using copy and paste templates!

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$997 Per Month



One-time payment

How Would You Like To Turn Your WebinarKit Software Into a Full Blown Agency?

You’ve just picked yourself up an amazing software…

And you should already have an email with your sign-in information…

While you’re making smart buying decisions, how would you like to upgrade your account to a full blown agency, making you able to deliver high quality webinar funnels to clients, easier and faster than ever before?

With the agency software upgrade doing almost ALL the heavy lifting...


WebinarKit Agency

One-time pricing for a limited time only.

$997 Per Month



One-time payment

Our July sale is live! Hurry, price going up in:

Manage High Paying Monthly Clients With Your Agency-Upgraded WebinarKit Account Machine...

You can build stunning webinar funnels for your clients in minutes...

Provide them with beautiful analytics in one click…

WebinarKit Agency makes it so easy! And your clients will never know just how quickly and easily you’re handling the work...

Unlike you and I... People that normally make money with webinars are constantly looking for easier solutions…

One SUPER easy solution is offer to set them up with automated webinars!

This can be EASILY handled with WebinarKit’s powerful and innovative agency solution.

Agency-Upgraded Members Get Instantly Upgraded To Enjoy Advanced Features Like This…

25 Sub-accounts Instantly Enabled with Full Feature Sets

This upgrade comes with the ability to add 25 members to your Agency.

This can include webinar editors, presenters, and support members.

This allows for you to truly take WebinarKit to the next level by getting a full team to manage your client webinars as you scale big.

Team Accounts Enabled - Enable Team Member Access Levels

This upgrade comes with the ability to give your team members different access levels.

That way you can give your team privileges for things like running webinars, analyzing webinar data, moderating live chat, and much more!

This allows you to build teams that handle all the work of running an agency for you! 

Unlimited Client Webinars Per Account

This license comes with the ability to create UNLIMITED webinars for your clients.

Down the road we may start setting limits on this, but since this is a special founder’s deal, you’ll be able to get in for unlimited webinars.

Video Hosting Upgrade

This upgrade comes with the ability to host 20 more active webinars than with WebinarKit basic, and comes with unlimited bandwidth.

Client Webinar Area

When you upgrade to WebinarKit Agency, you unlock a whole new area in your WebinarKit software where you can create client webinars, and organize everything into folders so that every client has their own separate area.

Everything is optimized to make your ability to grow your agency as simple as humanly possible.

One-Click Client Statistics Reports

When you run your webinars for clients, you will get a clean report that is generated with one click.

This will greatly impress your clients and will surely.

Custom Branding of the Webinar Watch Room

For a limited time and as part of our special founder’s deal, we’re even including a super easy way to customize your agency accounts.

Easily create staff accounts and control which features and webinars they have access to all from your own master account.

This means we’re literally giving you everything you need for your WebinarKit Agency from start to finish!

Commercial Rights

Of course, this agency upgrade comes with full commercial rights so you can run unlimited webinars for your clients.

And For A Limited Time:

WebinarKit Agency Accelerator

Access to our “WebinarKit Agency Accelerator”
Masterclass by a 7 figure agency expert…

$10,000 Included FREE For a Limited Time!

Powerful agency masterclass showing you how to consistently and reliably attract & land high paying dream clients like clockwork
Created by one of the top agency experts, she runs a $3.5M/year agency!
Courses of this quality normally close at least $5,000 elsewhere…we pulled some strings and want to give you the best chance at success, so we’ve included it free here for you.
Built specifically for WebinarKit Agency members, it will show you how to explode WebinarKit into an easy monthly recurring income stream
Will also show you simple, powerful and easy to implement client- generating methods for other high ticket services as well
How to make even MORE money by upselling your clients on additional services!

One-time pricing for a limited time only.

$997 Per Month



One-time payment

Here’s Just A Few Examples Of What You Can Do With Your Webinarkit Agency Account:

Sell recurring services or one-time automated webinar services to people currently running live webinars and wanting a solution that lets them show more webinars without presenting at all
You can assist clients with sales webinars, hosting training webinars/evergreen content, demo webinars, and more!
Include your agency subaccounts as bonuses for your existing high ticket clients to assist you in growing your main business
Use the 25 accounts for whatever you like (you’re basically 25Xing the value of your account for a tiny fee!)

This is essentially letting you “25x the value” of your WebinarKit account, for a tiny fraction of the normal price… while also letting you make a passive income on the side!

One-time pricing for a limited time only.

$997 Per Month



One-time payment

Watch the Full Offering Video Here:

WebinarKit Agency Does
The Heavy Lifting FOR You...

With this new upgrade, you're getting a powerful feature set that will let you turn WebinarKit into a lean, mean, passive income machine…

Meaning you’ll be able to provide automated webinar funnel building services, for high ticket and recurring payouts, all while having the software do most of the heavy lifting for you…

The same great features of WebinarKit, upgraded to allow you to add a whole team into the system, and a whole new client area to allow you to manage your client’s webinars in a neat and organized way.

The software builds the funnels for you in minutes just like it does for your own webinars…

Not to mention, you get the ability to create professional client webinar reports with one simple click… no need to manually prepare anything for your client. The software exports the report with one click!

On top of that, we include some of the best training on how to grow your passive income client base with a course valued at $10,000 from one of the top agency experts out there…who built a $3.5M agency from the ground up!

These simple tactics will let you turn WebinarKit into a passive income on a VERY part time basis, even with no experience.

Use this package as much or as little as you like… scale it to a nice side income working very little, or if you want, scale it to the moon!

How nice would it be knowing this package gives you the TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE to start collecting a recurring income by offering in demand services…

One-time pricing for a limited time only.

WebinarKit Agency

$997 Per Month



One-time payment

25 WebinarKit subaccounts
WebinarKit Agency Accelerator with a $3.5M Agency Expert ($10,000 Value)
Unlimited autowebinar/funnels
Built in page and video hosting
Up to 5 team members
Unlimited client webinars
Video hosting built-in
One-click client reports
Brandable webinar watch rooms

Your Unfair Advantage...

Now 100% RISK-FREE For 60 Days

We know these features & enhancements are going to help you to dominate your competition and become the most sought after webinar agency in your industry...

But if for any reason you don't agree, we'll send you back 100% of what you're paying today, no questions asked.

This package is EASILY worth $297/mo considering what it includes…

For reference, 25 WebinarKit accounts alone at $97 * 25 = $2425 and that DOESN’T include:

Agency team access
Client features
$10,000+ agency growth course

So…this is an overdelivery as we want to allow our WebinarKit family members everything they need to succeed…

Including turning WebinarKit into another passive income stream in their business…

Get In Right Now, ONLY On This Page

As soon as you grab our exclusive WebinarKit Agency package from this page, your account will be instantly upgraded with all features on this page, and you’ll have instant access to WebinarKit Agency Accelerator course as well…meaning you can get started building your passive machine RIGHT away.

We have tutorials ready as well to ensure you’re never confused and can get started right away, with no experience needed.

And of course, we’re always right around the corner to help you whenever you need it.

Can’t wait to see you on the inside & hear about your success!


Stefan Ciancio

Phil Schaffer

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Agency Accelerator course help me get more high quality dream clients for other things outside WebinarKit, such as coaching or other agency services?

Yes! In addition to following our included course for growing your agency clients using WebinarKit’s easy to sell feature sets, you can also use it for other agency services or even acquiring high ticket clients. The knowledge in this course helped our expert grow her agency to $3.5M selling various different high ticket services and programs.

I have never built a passive income online before and have no experience, is this for me?

Yes! This is built to be a package that ANYONE can use to very easily set up a passive side income (or scale up higher). We have you covered with the software upgrade that gives you everything you need, and one of the best courses designed specifically for you to grow with this by a 3.5M Agency expert… so you get the tools and the knowledge to get set up as quickly as the very same day you get in. Your hand is held every step of the way, and once you learn how to do this, you can do it as much or as little as you want.

Can I use these features with client projects?

Absolutely. WebinarKit Agency is all about turning your WebinarKit software into a full blown webinar agency management system, giving you the ability to run unlimited webinars for your clients faster, simpler and easier than ever before.

How can I use these 25 additional accounts if I want to do something outside building a passive agency income?

These accounts function the same as the main account. It’s like getting 25 WebinarKit accounts for the price of one more… you can use them as bonuses for your existing high ticket clients to get more sales and boost perceived value..or anything else.

Can I really get results doing this part time?

Yes! You can absolutely get results doing this part time outside your main business. You can use it to fund your entire software stack with minimal effort, or scale much higher. It’s totally up to you. This could be an easy way to get PAID to own high quality software that grows your main business..or something you scale much higher.

Can I sell Agency subaccounts created with this upgrade?

No, this is not a reseller's license. This upgrade is meant for those interested in running their own webinar agency and creating employee/client accounts. Any accounts found to be reselling subaccounts will be subject to termination. If you want this feature, check out our WebinarKit White Label option.

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