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WebinarKit Agency

$97 Per Month


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Manage High Paying Monthly Clients With Your
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Create Accounts For Your Agency Team

This upgrade comes with the ability to add 25 members to your Agency. This can include webinar editors, presentors, and support members. This allows for you to truly take WebinarKit to the next level by getting a full team to manage your client webinars as you scale big.

Client Webinar Area

When you upgrade to WebinarKit Agency, you unlock a whole new area in your WebinarKit software where you can create client webinars, and organize everything into folders so that every client has their own separate area. Everything is optimized to make your ability to grow your agency as simple as humanly possible.

Unlimited Client Webinars

This license comes with the ability to create UNLIMITED webinars for your clients. Down the road we may start setting limits on this, but since this is a special founder’s deal, you’ll be able to get in for unlimited webinars.

Video Hosting Upgrade

This upgrade comes with the ability to host 20 more active webinars than with WebinarKit basic, and comes with unlimited bandwidth.

One-Click Client Statistics Reports

When you run your webinars for clients, you will get a clean report that is generated with one click. This will greatly impress your clients and will surely

Full Customization

For a limited time and as part of our special founder’s deal, we’re even including a super easy way to customize your agency accounts. Easily create staff accounts and control which features and webinars they have access to all from your own master account. This means we’re literally giving you everything you need for your WebinarKit Agency from start to finish!

Strategy Document

We’re also including a strategy document to give you a bird’s eye view of the whole process from start to finish, meaning no stone will be left unturned. Simply grab this upgrade, follow the strategy document and start providing the easiest “service” with your massive advantage having WebinarKit Agency doing the heavy lifting.

Commercial Rights

Of course, this agency upgrade comes with full commercial rights so you can run unlimited webinars for your clients.

Step by step client attraction (without phone) training based on results and copy and paste templates!

These $1k/mo clients that you’ll be able to manage fast and easy with this upgrade are not far away, they are right at your finger tips and you do NOT need to get on the phone to find them. For a limited time we’re including our exact templates and where to find these clients so you can start smashing it right away with simply copy and pasting.

Watch the Demo Here:

$97 Per Month


Special Pricing For A Limited Time

WebinarKit Agency Does The
Heavy Lifting FOR You...

With this new upgrade you're not only getting a leg up on your competition since WebinarKit Agency makes your account a lean mean autowebinar client machine…

Meaning you’ll be able to provide autowebinar funnels to client for high ticket and recurring payouts by having the software do most of the heavy lifting for you…

The same great features of WebinarKit, upgraded to allow you to add a whole team into the system, and a whole new client area to allow you to manage your client’s webinars in a neat and organized way.

The software builds the funnels for you in minutes just like it does for your own webinars…

Not to mention, you get the ability to create client webinar reports with one simple click, to show your clients how professional you are… no need to manually prepare anything for your client. The software exports the report with one click!

On top of that we include copy and paste templates and traffic sources to find these clients and copy and paste your way to deals without EVER getting on the phone...

When you realize all this on top of the fact that this upgrade is a one time price for a very limited time, this upgrade is a massive no-brainer...

Quick recap on everything you get when you
upgrade to WebinarKit Agency right on this page...

  • Create Accounts For Your Agency Team
  • Unlimited Client Webinars
  • Unlimited Client Webinars
  • Video Hosting Upgrade
  • One-Click Client Statistics Reports
  • Client Contracts
  • Commercial Rights
  • Limited time, one-time pricing (going to recurring soon)
  • Client attraction training (no phone calling)
  • Copy and paste high ticket client templates

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$97 Per Month


Special Pricing For A Limited Time

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use these features with client projects?

Absolutely. WebinarKit Agency is all about turning your WebinarKit software into a full blown webinar agency management system, giving you the ability to run unlimited webinars for your clients faster, simpler and easier than ever before.

Does this agency upgrade require me to keep paying for it?

For a limited time, you can grab this agency upgrade for a special founder’s ONE TIME FEE. However, this pricing will be $97 PER MONTH soon, so we recommend grabbing it for a one time fee now to enjoy the upgrade forever while avoiding ongoing monthly fees.

Can I sell Agency subaccounts created with this upgrade?

No, this is not a reseller's license. This upgrade is meant for those interested in running their own webinar agency and creating employee/client accounts. Any accounts found to be reselling subaccounts will be subject to termination.