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Your Webinar ChatBox is a GOLDMINE.

It’s no secret that people like to be spoken to directly...

They like to feel heard, seen and appreciated….
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It’s true, whether they don’t have the right tech or don’t know how to maximize the profits from the chatbox it doesn’t matter, the reality is, there is alot of money to be made from the chatbox because your audience wants to be seen, heard and spoken to directly.

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What if you could utilize the fact that they like to be heard, seen and spoken to, to explode your sales like never before with total automation.

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Webinarkit Chatbot Automator -
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Instant Boost In Sales, Clicks, Time Spent On Call & More Thank To Chatbot Automation.

This feature will allow you to have messages automatically added into the chat for people to engage with and respond to during your autowebinar sessions. This means you can drop in things to boost engagement, calls to actions, and more! Ultimately optimizing sales from the chatbox portion of your autowebinar funnel will now be possible.

Earn Even MORE With Clients By Extending Your Commercial Rights (Included)

This feature includes commercial rights. Not only can you use this feature for your own personal webinars, but this feature will also extend to your Webinarkit commercial rights, so you can use it for unlimited client webinars as well.

“How Significant Is The Boost,
And How Exactly Does It Work?”

Great Question, Allow Me To Explain:

Chatbot accounts for a significant portion of sales

The chatbox is where people have an opportunity to be “part” of your autowebinar presentations. By being able to pre-set messages in the chat, people will feel much more connected with your autowebianrs, and you can leverage this additional communicative channel in many different ways.

Make your customers get a truly “live” experience

Since the messages get sent into the chat in real-time, your auto-webinar attendees will definitely feel like they are getting the true live experience. This means higher trust and conversions for your auto-webinar.

Does additional selling for you

You can use this feature to turn your auto-webinar chatbox into a lean, mean, selling machine. The automated chat feature means you can add in call to actions to people and constantly prompt them to take the action you want them to now you’re not only hitting them with calls-to-actions on the webinar screen, but also in the chatbox as well.

Make your autowebinar attendees feel spoken to and heard

Since people like to be spoken to and heard, and also like to interact, this means the chatbox is the perfect place to provide them what they want. Now, they can feel like they are having a full conversation with you during the webinars as opposed to a one-sided presentation.

Boost engagement, conversions and sales

This feature without a doubt will optimize your autowebinar funnels into maximum conversions, sales and profits. You’re adding in another layer of personalization with your autowebinar attendees that makes them feel more included, trust you more, and a chance to give them more call-to-action prompts that will without a doubt boost your bottom line.

A Critical Component To The MILLIONS We Made With Webinars

The chatbox is a goldmine for our webinars even before these features, but these features have allowed us maximum flexibility, faster gaining of the benefits and overall, just made our lives easier and our pockets fuller.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Does unlocking the chatbot automator mean all my autowebinars will get this feature?

Absolutely. You will be able to use this feature for every single autowebinar funnel you set up with Webinarkit.

Does this feature also include commercial rights?

Yep! Not only can you use this feature for your own personal webinars, but this feature will also extend to your Webinarkit commercial rights, so you can use it for unlimited client webinars as well.