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Skyrocket attendee satisfaction, boost engagement, and get more sales by tapping into the power of your webinar's chatbox!

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Unlock the full power of your webinar's chatbox.

It's no secret that people like being spoken to directly. They like to feel heard, seen, and appreciated.

So what if you could leverage this to boost conversions, sales, and profits?

Introducing WebinarKit Chatbot.

WebinarKit Chatbot will maximize your sales.

Supercharge webinar engagement.

You want to create webinars that feel "live" so that your attendees are engaged and excited for your event.

Many webinars make the mistake of not delivering this experience. But with WebinarKit Chatbot, you can create an environment that is engaging, exciting, and feels "live" for all your attendees!

You can leverage the fact that people like to be heard, seen, and spoken to in order to explode conversions and sales like never before with total automation!

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Automate your chatbox.

With WebinarKit Chatbot, you can have chat messages automatically inserted into the live chatbox at the exact times you want during your webinar presentation.

This means you can drop in engagement boosting chat messages and calls to action that every webinar attendee will see.

This will ultimately help grow attendee time spent in the watch room, clicks, conversions, and most importantly, sales.

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Drive more sales.

The chatbox is where your viewers have the opportunity to be "part" of your webinar presentations.

By automatically adding engagement boosting messages and calls to action to your live chat, you immediately make your audience feel more connected with your presentation.

And the more connected and engaged the audience is, the higher the chance that they will buy your products.


Create a truly "live" experience.

Since your engagement boosting messages and calls to action get sent into your chatbox in real time, your webinar attendees will feel like they are getting the true live experience.

This means higher trust, conversions, and sales for your webinar.


Sell more on autopilot.

Turn your webinar chatbox into a lean, mean, automated selling machine.

With WebinarKit Chatbot, you can add in fully automated call to actions and constantly prompt your viewers to take the steps you want them to at the exact times that you want.

So not only are you hitting your audience with calls to action within your webinar presenation, but also inside the chatbox as well!


Make attendees feel seen and heard.

Utilize the fact that people like to be spoken to directly and heard.

The chatbox is the perfect place to provide your audience with this feeling. Now they can feel like they are having a full conversation with you during your webinars as opposed to a one sided presentation.

And the best part? You don't even need to at your computer because it's 100% automated!


No monthly or yearly fees ever.

WebinarKit Chatbot also comes with zero monthly or yearly fees!

Other webinar software literally charge hundreds to thousands of dollars PER YEAR for access to this same set of features that WebinarKit Chatbot provides for a one-time payment.

Avoid ever paying subscription fees with WebinarKit Chatbot and save literally thousands of dollars in the long run.


See WebinarKit Chatbot in action.

Check out the demo below to get an in depth look at everything WebinarKit Chatbot has to offer.

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WebinarKit Chatbot

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Does WebinarKit Chatbot have recurring fees?

For a limited time, you can get full access to WebinarKit Chatbot's features without paying ANY recurring fees.


What if I have other questions?

WebinarKit Chatbot comes with the same 24/7 email support found in the standard WebinarKit package.


Do I need any tech skills to make this work?

No! WebinarKit Chatbot does not require any additional expertise whatsoever!


Does WebinarKit Chatbot have a refund policy?

Yes! WebinarKit Chatbot comes with an unconditional 14 day 100% money back guarantee.

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Automate your chatbox and get more sales with WebinarKit Chatbot.

Unlock WebinarKit Chatbot to immmediately skyrocket attendee satisfaction, boost engagement, and get more sales by tapping into the power of your webinar's chatbox!

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