Communi Special Deal


Interactr is a software that lets you creative videos that people can interact with and takes them on a journey.

This is a unique change compared to normal videos that are less exciting, and also allows for people to get led down a path more specific for them, increasing conversions.

Normally, this type of software is expensive and difficult to use. However, Interactr has made it very newbie friendly and also a one time pricing for a very limited time, saving you as much as 5 figures a year in costs. 

They also have an active community in which you can engage.

We recommend checking out Interactr and taking them up on their lifetime deal before it ends.

Lifetime Deal- Limited Time

 (Lifetime Deal)

For a limited time, you can grab Interactr for a lifetime deal pricing. This is a huge savings compared to other interactive video software that can cost as much as hundreds per month and thousands per year.