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Brand your webinars with WebinarKit Custom Domain.

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Maximize your brand value like never before.

It's no secret that branding is a powerful tool for any business. People want to know that they're dealing with a legitimate company and brand.

That's why removing the distractions of other companies and showcasing your own branding is so important when it comes to boosting conversions, sales, and profits.

Introducing WebinarKit Custom Domain.

WebinarKit Custom Domain will maximize your branding.

Brand your pages and webinars.

You want to showcase your webinars and presentations without any distractions for your attendees and registrants.

With our custom domain solution, your customers will only see your custom domain and branding on your registration, thank you, watch room, and replay pages.

This will ensure your customers are completely focused on what matters, your company's message and brand.

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Customize your domain name.

With WebinarKit Custom Domain, you can set a completely custom domain up with our software.

This means your registrants, attendees, and customers will only see your custom domain name in the browser. All WebinarKit branding will be removed from your WebinarKit hosted registration, thank you, and webinar watch room pages entirely.

This ensures that there's no distractions for your customers and boosts your brand value like never before.

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Agency Exclusive

Branding for your agency.

With the Custom Domain Agency tier, you can brand your internal WebinarKit pages in addition to the public facing pages.

This is perfect for if you're running an agency and want your clients, customers, and employees to see your brand while using the WebinarKit software.

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Agency Exclusive

Practically your own software.

Because you can brand all of WebinarKit's internal pages with our Custom Domain Agency Tier, it pretty much becomes YOUR software.

The WebinarKit sign in, dashboard, settings, webinar editor pages, analytics, and more will show only your custom branding!

Your clients, customers, and employees will be using a webinar platform with YOUR branding.


Ultra low pricing.

WebinarKit Custom Domain features extremely competetive pricing for a fully featured custom branding solution.

Save hundreds and even thousands of dollars compared to other webinar solutions that offer comparable branding features.


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WebinarKit Custom Domain

Billed annually

Use the entire WebinarKit software with your own custom domain

Maximize your branding for registrants and attendees

Remove WebinarKit branding on registration, thank you, watch room, and replay pages

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How does WebinarKit Custom Domain work?

Once you sign up, you'll provide WebinarKit with the name of your custom domain. From there, our team will provide you with simple instructions to setup your custom domain with WebinarKit.


What if I have other questions?

WebinarKit Custom Domain comes with the same 24/7 chat and email support found in the standard WebinarKit package.


Do I need any advanced tech skills to make this work?

No! WebinarKit will give you step by step instructions to get your custom domain working with our software!


Can I cancel WebinarKit Custom Domain at any time?

Yes! WebinarKit Custom Domain can be canceled without any cancellation fees at any time.


What is the difference between the base Custom Domain tier and the Custom Domain Agency tier?

The base Custom Domain tier allows you to set a custom domain for use across the entire WebinarKit platform. So when registrants and attendees visit your registration, thank you, watch room, and replay pages, they will see your custom domain instead of "webinarkit.com" in the browser bar.

However, this tier does not affect the branding of internal WebinarKit pages (I.e. sign in, dashboard, settings, webinar editor pages, and more). This is where the Custom Domain Agency tier comes in.

With the agency tier, you can brand internal WebinarKit pages so that when your clients, customers, and employees use WebinarKit, they only see your branding. This means your agency or business will get it's own branded sign in, dashboard, webinar editor pages and more. It practically turns WebinarKit into YOUR own webinar software.

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Maximize your branding with WebinarKit Custom Domain.

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