Webinars are an increasingly important part of the outreach that companies can do to help make their company more visible and successful. Webinars used to be used primarily by those in direct sales to generate interest in specific products and services, but this kind of course has been expanded now into other areas of marketing. Being able to help a customer to connect with your brand is easy when you know how to leverage a webinar correctly.

The key to a successful webinar that is cost-effective to make is ensuring that your webinar is evergreen. You want to be sure that you can use your webinar to market to your brand for years to come, not just a few weeks. Well-crafted webinars can make a stranger a customer in less than an hour. This is one of the most effective ways to provide visibility and outreach for your company no matter what industry you work in.

If you are ready to learn more about how to get more clients, customers, and sales with your evergreen webinar, you need to keep reading!

evergreen webinar

What is an Evergreen Webinar?

An evergreen webinar is pre-recorded, and it can be shared on a recurring schedule so that it is readily accessible to visitors to your website or those interested in your products and services. You will not have to be there to host this event which makes it a timesaver as well as a cost saver for you and your company. The more processes that your business can automate, the better, and sharing your evergreen webinar without having to manage it live is a big benefit to any company.

Live webinars can be used as a means to generate hype about a new product or service but they are not really necessary until you have enough visibility and interest in your brand that people will attend. You will want to start with a less spontaneous webinar model to help grow brand visibility and get people to convert to sales. Your evergreen webinar will help establish your business as a leader in your field.

Benefits of Automated Webinars

Automation offers many benefits to those who are using webinars for their business outreach and you will find that no matter what kind of good or service you are selling, automation offers many pros.

Regular Scheduling

The more often you offer your webinar and the more reliable it is to access, the better your customer engagement will be. People might not have time to head to a live event but they can almost always catch at least one of your scheduled webinar times.


Your automated and evergreen webinar can easily be scaled to be included in greater efforts or to direct viewers to other webinars or web content that you are offering as well. This can help you to diversify your outreach and the way that people engage with your brand and content.


Let’s face it, you have other things to be doing besides hosting endless live events. You have a business to run, and you don’t have time to be hosting live interactions with potential customers all day long. This is one of the key areas where your evergreen webinar will shine the most.

Lack of Tech Issues

When you have an automated process that makes your webinar available to those visiting your site, you will be able to count on them being able to access the content without a hitch. Live events can have lots of issues with technology, and people are not often very patient about waiting through the struggles to see what you have to say.

Consistency of Messaging

When you offer an automated and evergreen webinar, every single person who watches this content will get the same branding message. It can be hard to deliver really consistent information to visitors when you are hosting these events live, and an evergreen webinar takes the pressure off of you to deliver a consistent live experience.

Downsides of Automation

There are a few things that you need to be aware of if you are going to use automation for your webinar access. These common pitfalls can be avoided if you have an awareness of the chance that they could impact your webinar.

Communication Can be Delayed

While most people will not expect you to be on hand to answer questions at all hours when you are hosting an automated webinar, you will still find that you will lose some customers due to a lack of response to their queries. There are always customers that need immediate interaction to commit to a sale, and you will struggle to connect with these people quickly enough to generate a sale.


The other issue with webinars that are not live is that some people feel like they come across as fake or that they are just generic and not informative enough to generate sales. This is not a common complaint, but it might be a good motivator to offset some evergreen webinar content with live events to help build consumer confidence.

How to Create an Evergreen Webinar

The process of making an evergreen webinar is easier than you might think. There have been so many advancements in the process of creating video content these days that you will find that the delivery of your webinar is the most complicated part of its creation when compared to making the video.

1.       Create a Pre-Recorded Video

The first thing that you must do is create your pre-recorded video that you will share in your webinar. Selling the other content that you are offering is the most important goal of your webinar, and you will want to be sure that your evergreen webinar offers a good overview of what you can do for customers and what you are offering them. Make sure that you are showing students what they can get from your online content clearly enough that they are excited to pay for your courses right away.

Make sure that you are using a proven formula and that you are communicating clearly. You do not want the people who watch your webinar to have a single question about what you are offering to them. The webinar could also offer something like a discount for a bundle of classes that cannot be accessed without watching the whole webinar. These kinds of hooks help people to get committed to your brand and to see the value in taking the time to learn about your services.

2.       Test the Material

Make sure that you do not make your evergreen webinar or your other content live without testing it. Having a beta testing group is critical to your webinar and your other content being successful. You should always take the time to run your content through a testing phase to help iron out the issues that might make people ask for refunds or simply refuse to get invested in your product and services.

Make sure that you are not obsessed with perfection and that you are just focused on user experience and effective communication. Small errors are not a big deal, but any confusion about the nature of the content and its benefit to those who invest in it should be dealt with right away. Anything that makes the user experience less than ideal should be handled before your content is offered live or for sale.

3.       Turn Your Evergreen Webinar Into a Sale Funnel

The main task that your evergreen webinar needs to complete is a lead generation and sales conversion. You can turn your evergreen webinar into a sales funnel by making sure that you have built a funnel around it. You will need to be sure that your webinar drives traffic to your webinar registration page so that you can create leads and follow up on them. You will also want to be sure that you are linking to content in your online communities so that visitors stay reminded about your services and it is easy for them to come back and re-engage.

Make sure that everyone has to register before they can access your webinar. You need a lead list to work with to help drive sales. You can also track attendance rates this way so that you can help improve your overall metrics. Make sure that you make signing up for courses really easy at the end of the webinar as well. Do not expect people to shop around to figure out how to get signed up for your content. Making this last step of the sales process easy is critical.

  1.       Check-In on Functionality

The last step of your sales funnel process is an ongoing process. You need to check in all the time to be sure that no part of your webinar process is not working. Sometimes links can get broken, or updates can cause problems within the code of your videos and other links. You need to be sure on a regular business that your webinar and all your other content are accessible and working properly. People are not inclined to be patient with technology issues these days, and you will want to avoid this kind of problem and the lost sales that can be caused by it.


Pick a Quality Automated Webinar Platform

If you are ready to get started utilizing your automated webinar to generate sales and leads for your company, you need to find the right host for your content. Using the right platform to manage your webinar can make all the difference in your experience and you do not want to pick a platform that is not able to offer you all the features and functions that you need access to.

WebinarKit can offer you access to all the tools, functionality, and time-saving features that you need for easy webinar management. You will be able to automate, manage, and create webinar content with ease on WebinarKit. Members get the following key benefits:

Unlimited Funnels, Registrants, and Attendees

You can create as many webinar funnels as you want and sell as much as you want every month. The built-in sales tools that come with your access are second-to-none and help you manage metrics and improvements to your funnel.

Access to Evergreen Profits

Selling on autopilot is possible when you choose WebinarKit. You will be able to track and respond to sales in real time without losing valuable time. This benefit helps you to net sales that depend on outreach and help keep potential customers engaged with ease. Being responsive to potential customers is key, and we can help you to stay in touch no matter what time of day or night someone asks a question.

One-Time Pricing

Being able to save on monthly fees is another key benefit to choosing WebinarKit. So many platforms charge for every single feature and function which can really add up. WebinarKit will not penalize you for joining by making you pay for every single feature and function that you need access to for success.

Integrated Sales Funnel Functionality

Most webinar hosting platforms do not offer you sales funnel functionality, and you have to track these efforts in another application or on another site. WebinarKit offers you integrated functionality that makes it much easier to make the most of your evergreen webinar and your other content. Saving time is always a key benefit to businesses and you can much better direct your webinar’s outreach if you can link it with your sales funnel directly.

If you are ready to make your evergreen webinar and leverage it as a sales funnel for your brand, you need to choose WebinarKit. We can help you to make the most out of your evergreen webinar, and we make the process of managing your webinar easy. There is no better choice to make for your evergreen webinar hosting, and you will love working with us as you grow your brand and generate leads and sales with ease.

Best of Both Worlds

In an ideal world, you can leverage both live webinars and automated webinars to grow your business together.

Your automated webinar funnel can live on your websites, social media, etc. and collect passive leads over time who watch your automated webinar and join your audience for long term follow up and profit. At the same time, you can leverage live webinar events on top of the automated webinar “foundation” to bring in more profits whenever you need to go live.

WebinarKit for automated webinars is still on special one time pricing, which means even in 10 years, your total expense will still be under 100 dollars when you grab it now.

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