Sales are the biggest goal of your business. After all, you made your webinar with this goal in mind. However, you don’t want to have to hustle hard for every single sale. The point of a quality webinar is that it needs to drive sales without you having to commit daily effort to its functions.

Selling with webinars can be really easy if you know how to leverage this tool for your business. Webinars are uniquely effective at driving engagement and interest in your brand. Selling anything can actually be possible when you use your webinar properly. Best of all, you can give yourself back a lot of time every day when you learn how to sell anything!

What is Webinar Marketing?

To learn how to sell anything, you need to learn more about what webinar marketing is. This is the use of an online seminar or class to connect to a wider audience and therefore promote your business. Webinars are one of the most effective means to market your business and your services because it can create engagement, generate leads, and provide exposure to your branding messaging.

Webinars also offer the benefit of being simple to manage once they are made, and they should not require all of your attention to provide these essential functions. When managed correctly, a webinar can be a highly effective tool that really can help you to sell anything that you want. Webinars are not a sales pitch, but that is all right! They are even better than that!

One of the key ways to make sure that you can sell anything without spending all your time trying to chase conversions is to make sure that you deliver a really good webinar. Making a webinar that is of the highest quality and that feels engaging, and evergreen is key to making the most of this business tool. The connection that is made with consumers via a webinar is one that has to do with sharing information and value in return for engagement. This is a little different than just offering information to drive sales, and it is much more effective overall.

How to Promote Your Webinar

If you want to make sure that your webinar generates enough interest to also generate conversions, you need to know how to promote it. Simply making your webinar and then dusting off your hands will not cut it. You need to make sure that your webinar is promoted properly so that it can do its job for you and your business goals.

Promoting a webinar involves the use of webinar email sequences as well as other tools to promote it. You will need to look into the right integrations that help you to email users without wasting time, and you will want to consider some lead generation tools that will help save your time as well. Another important part of promoting your webinar is to make sure that you are using a top-notch hosting platform and top-tier technology for your live webinar efforts.

When you deliver a quality experience that feels very confident and polished, you will make a much better presentation during your webinar. The more comfortable and engaging your webinar is, the more it will promote itself by word of mouth or through online reviews. Just delivering an authoritative and effective webinar is one way to promote engagement in the future.

Here are some other ways that you need to promote your webinar:

·         Social Media

Use your business’ social media pages to help to engage with potential consumers and to share information about your webinar. This will drive traffic organically to your webinar and potentially also to sales. The more present and responsive you are on your social media accounts, the better your connection to your audience will be.

·         Mailing List

Make sure that you use your mailing list to generate future interest in new content and webinars that you are going to host as well as offering discounts for the webinar that was just held. Your mailing list can be a great way to keep people engaged and to make sure that they share information about your services with others.

·         Beta Testing

While your beta testers are not necessarily going to be invested enough to want to buy your product after they help you test your webinar, they might be that engaged and convert! Beta testing is a great way to test your webinar and other content while also collecting some new customers along the way.

how to sell anything with webinars

How to Leverage Your Webinar to Sell Anything

The best way to use your webinar effectively is to make sure that you are leveraging it correctly within your marketing plan. It is important to remember that your webinar is not actually a sales pitch. This was mentioned before, but we will expand on this idea now.

Webinars are not actually a sales pitch for your services in the most explicit sense of the word. They are instead a powerful tool that is used to create consumer confidence and to generate a bond with your audience that shows them that you are there for them and not just to make money. No one likes to buy from a company or a person that is a hard sell, and you don’t want to be pushy, aggressive, or even directly selling anything to people who are just engaging with your business.

When considering how to sell anything with a webinar, you might feel like this is counter-intuitive. The biggest takeaway that you need to get from this guide is that your webinar is the taste test that leads to conversion. When you share something of value with your audience, and you invest in them, they will want to invest in you back. It’s that simple.

This is why the structure and design of your webinar are so important and why you need to remember that you are engaging with your audience and not selling to them. Using your webinar to sell anything requires that you don’t try to meet this goal with your first interactions with a potential customer. There are some key ways to make sure that your webinar does the job of creating engagement and gaining consumer confidence.

1. Use Experts

If you have an expert in your niche who is willing to provide testimonials, a review, or even better, to appear on your webinar, this is one of the best ways to make sure your webinar converts to sales. Experts in your niche can go a long way toward creating consumer confidence and toward generating legitimate interest in your products and services.

Leveraging expert input and investment is critical to the overall success of many webinars over the long run. This is also a key aspect of really effective evergreen webinars and one that you should not miss out on using for your own business if possible.

2. Aim for the Right Length

Webinars should be no more than 60 minutes long. This is more than enough time to get your point across, to engage with potential new customers, and to send them on to look into signing up for more content access and more services. When you pick the right length of webinar for your needs, you will be meeting consumers in the middle.

Webinars that are too short or too long can miss the mark entirely and frustrate those who take the time to engage with them. Make sure that each segment has a purpose, and be sure that you do not get off track oversharing about your business. You will have time to connect with consumers later on in other classes, and you don’t want to give away so much in your webinar that people aren’t interested in buying other classes you have on offer.

3. Invest in Quality Production

As mentioned before, a polished, enjoyable, and well-made webinar will also be much more likely to create success for your business than one that is shoddy or amateurish. Making sure that you take the time to create a really effective and well-made webinar is always best if you want your webinar to be a big success for your business.

If you are delivering the webinar yourself, make sure that you practice your information delivery and be sure that you don’t seem like you are rushing or that you just want people to buy things. No matter how good the production work is on your webinar, if you come across as rushed, sloppy, or disinterested in your audience, your webinar will not be a success.

If you need to hire someone to deliver your webinar information, consider budgeting for this service. Not everyone is good at standing in front of people and giving speeches, and nothing says that you have to do this for your brand. If you need to hire someone else to deliver your webinar content, you should do so in the name of getting a good quality webinar at the end of the production process.

4. Use Visual Aids

One of the best ways to be sure that consumers understand your webinar’s information is to use visual aids. There are many ways to do this, from writing information on a whiteboard to showing graphics and informational screens during your webinar. In this era of advanced technology, there really is no limit to what you can do with your visual aids. Visual aids can come in many forms and be very creative as well.

Visual aids should not be the only tool used to convey your point, but you will find that this can be a great way to drive interest in your webinar and to keep people connected to the topics at hand. Using a blend of personalized interaction and visual aids can be the right blend of features to keep people intrigued and to motivate them to want to buy other classes or services from you.

5. Use the Right Hosting Service

Using the right hosting service can make all the difference in the success of your webinar. You will want to be able to use a service that helps you to deliver the best webinar possible, and you will need to work with a company that you can afford. The right hosting platform can offer you excellent hosting and integrations that can make all the difference in your webinar’s long-term performance.

If you have taken the time to build a great webinar to help you to sell anything, you will need to be sure that you are also investing in the right hosting platform for your needs. This is one place not to cut corners if you want to be able to offer up a webinar that will make people want to buy from you again. Hosting services can make your job much easier, and you will want to be sure that you are not wasting time and effort every day trying to keep up with tasks that a proper hosting entity could be handling for you.

how to sell anything with webinars

How do you Sell with Webinars Without Sacrificing All Your Time?

Now that you understand the power of webinars, we’re excited to introduce you to two new more advanced webinar concepts that will save you a LOT of time while marketing with webinars:

  1. Like live webinar: This is where your webinar is still set for a specific date and time, and the video auto plays, but you or a team member are live in the chat. This saves you at minimum from needing to present live, and at maximum from needing to attend at all!
  2. Automated webinar: You set a few times a day or week that someone can watch your presentation. The video presentation, pre recorded, also auto plays, and chat messages can be sent to you or a team member’s phone. So people can be watching your webinars all day while you relax…and answer questions when they come in! Amazing, right?

Our software, WebinarKit, will allow you to create both of these in minutes! And for live webinars, we’ve got WebinarKit Live.

Learning How to Sell Anything With a Webinar Can be Easy

Now that you have read this guide, you will be much better prepared to make the most of your webinar and to allow it to create engagement and conversions for you with ease. You have a business to run, and you don’t have time to manage each moving piece of your marketing platform every day. Creating an evergreen and effective webinar can make the difference between easy sales and engagements and reduced performance of your webinar overall.

Working with WebinarKit can help you to create a very effective sales funnel for your brand as well as offering you the chance to make the most of your webinar on a daily basis. With integration functionality and lots of great built-in tools, you can host and manage your webinar with ease when you choose to work with WebinarKit. Growing your brand and selling anything has never been easier!

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