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WebinarKit is a beautiful, modern webinar platform that your audience will love.

WebinarKit will give your audience all the amazing benefits of running automated, live-live, and fully live webinars without all of the usual headaches...

They'll be able to reach new customers and get more sales faster and easier than ever before by using a powerful, yet easy to use, webinar platform.

WebinarKit is the perfect product to promote to online marketers, business owners, agencies, and anyone that wants to sell more online.

Promoting WebinarKit is SUPER Easy…

Step 1

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Step 2

Get your links and affiliate tools on the “affiliate tools” page (super easy, even if you’re new)

Step 3

PROMOTE! We have some videos on easy ways for you to promote WebinarKit here.

Step 4

Get paid! We pay out automatically through Paypal in just 30 days after commissions are made. You can easily keep track of all your affiliate payments

The Funnel - Three Ways to Promote

With WebinarKit, you have two ways you can promote depending on your audience and who you want to target. You can promote either or both.

The first way is to promote the WebinarKit funnel from the beginning. This starts with our automated/like live webinar solution, and goes through some optional upsells, eventually getting to our full live webinar platform. 

The second way to promote is that you can share our live webinar platform directly to people. If you have an audience looking for an automated/like live webinar solution, you would start with option #1. If you have an audience looking for a live webinar solution, you would go with option #1. If you would like to share both our automated/like live and fully live solutions alongside each other, you can certainly do that as well. Please note, promoting the automated option (#1) eventually gets to the live webinar software in the funnel as well.

You Get 50% Commissions Across All Lifetime Products...

And 30% Ongoing Commissions on any Recurring Payments Made!

Here's the breakdown of all items in the funnel:


WebinarKit - $399 Lifetime, $43/mo or $147/year

50% Commissions on Lifetime, 30% Commissions on Recurring


Webinarkit is our flagship software for a one time price.

It is our powerful, modern automated webinar platform that lets you gain all the advantages of live webinars without ever needing to go live.

Webinarkit will allow your audience to easily create automated webinars so that they can put their businesses on autopilot and unlock evergreen profits.

Plus, with WebinarKit's one-time pricing, they'll never need to pay monthly or yearly fees, making this SUCH an easy sell for you.

WebinarKit comes with beautiful registration pages, conversion boosting offers, powerful scheduling options, live chat, email question boxes, advanced analytics, email notifications, conversion tracking, and much more.


WebinarKit Pro - $247 Lifetime, $20/mo or $110/Year

50% Commissions on Lifetime, 30% Commissions on Recurring


WebinarKit Pro is the perfect upgrade to WebinarKit.

Your audience will get amazing benefits like built-in video hosting (Say goodbye to 3rd party video platforms!), polls and handouts to boost engagement, additional high converting registration pages, one click replay pages, and embeddable registration forms!

Plus, just like the front end, WebinarKit Pro doesn't have any monthly or yearly fees which your audience will LOVE.


WebinarKit Agency - $199

50% Commissions


With WebinarKit Agency, your audience will be able to turn their WebinarKit accounts into a marketing agency that gets high paying monthly clients.

Plus, we'll show your audience how to land these high paying clients without ever having to get on the phone by using copy and paste templates!

And once again, with WebinarKit Agency your audience never needs to pay monthly of yearly fees!


WebinarKit Live - $29/mo up to $697/yr

30% Recurring Commissions


With WebinarKit Live, your audience will be able to harness the power of fully live webinars! You'll get 50% commissions on first payments and 25% for every payment thereafter.

Your audience will be able to easily go live and engage with their attendees like never before thanks to WebinarKit Live's state of the art live streaming technology.


WebinarKit White Label

30% Recurring Commissions


With WebinarKit White Label, your audience will be able to turn their WebinarKit accounts into their own fully branded SaaS and make sub-accounts to sell, or include as awesome bonuses in their existing services or programs.

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