Promote the Hottest Webinar Growth Package of 2022 and Bank Ongoing Commissions While Making Your Audience Very Happy

WebinarKit All-In-One Includes Our Entire Software Suite, Elite Business Growth Training, Community, and Done for You Tools For Anyone to Explode Their Business with Webinars

With the way things are going in the economy...consumers are looking for value more than ever. And that's exactly what they get with WebinarKit All in One.

WebinarKit All-In-One Includes All of the Following:

Our flagship autowebinar software, that lets you build and run unlimited autowebinar funnels, with unlimited attendees.

Our fully blown live webinar software to let attendees run webinars with up to 1,000 attendees at a time with tons of built in sales tools for maximum profits

The upgrade to WebinarKit unlocking maximum profit-boosting features like replays, more templates, embeddable widgets, and much more

A fully blown meetings and sales call tool to let you run unlimited meetings, sales calls and build unlimited booking pages.

A fully blown chat simulator that lets users simulate chat messages throughout the entire webinar.

A private community just for all in one members to grow their business faster and get the help they need.

This is our flagship program, WebinarKit Academy...that teaches how to build powerful webinar presentations and funnels that explode any business. Automation, scaling up and systems are taught as well. This is perfect to make sure that students not only have the best toolset to succeed with webinars, but also the exact steps they need to take to explode their business

Not only do we give the exact knowledge AND software set, but we're also including copy and paste templates for students to build their webinar funnels ten times faster and eliminate any guesswork or the need for students to hire expensive copywriters. They can simply "plug into" the templates and build their high converting webinar funnels fast.

Pricing & Promotion Details

Price Point: $997/year or $97/mo

Commissions: 40%

Payout: 70% at end of the promotion, remaining 30% after refund period

What Audiences is WebinarKit All in One Best For?

This offer is an amazing deal for a variety of audiences... namely, anyone looking for a way to predictably grow their business with webinars. Here's some examples of who can benefit from this and why:

Course creator audiences: Usually course creators starting out struggle with building consistent sales and are trying to convert higher ticket sales off of ebooks, sales pages, etc. With a webinar system, they can built predictability and maximize course sales/conversions quickly and easily. 

Coaching audiences: Similar to course creators, coaches struggle with getting consistent and qualified leads and people enrolling in their programs. With a webinar system, they can built predictability and maximize program clients/conversions quickly and easily. 

Make money online audiences: Make money online audiences are always looking for ways to make more money. WebinarKit All in one can be positioned for these audiences by showing them how launching their own offers (or promoting affiliate offers) can help them make more money fast and webinars are the vehicle to doing it fast.

Agency growth audiences: With a webinar system, agencies can built predictability and maximize booked calls and new clients from webinars.

Software growth audiences: With a webinar system, agencies can built predictability and maximize new trials and software sales from webinars.

Sales teams at companies: Sales teams hate getting on the phone with unqualified leads. Learnig how to build qualifying webinars to filter leads causes less overall sales calls, but more overall sales by hyper-qualifying and pre-selling those who will book a call slot, at the same time.

Other professionals: Even doctors, chiropractors, roofers, and other service based professionals can dramatically benefit from webinars. I remember I actually once had to choose between a few chiropractors in my area...and I ended up going to the one who had a webinar. It is a powerful differentiating factor for almost any industry.

People already using competitor webinar software:

How The Promotion Works

Step 1

Sign up as an affiliate here

Step 2

We will set up a special webinar event for your audience on a specific date and time, and decide if we will be doing this on our own high converting webinar setup where all you have to do is invite leads...and we convert them, OR... we can set it up on your own webinar system if you prefer.

Step 3

PROMOTE! Invite leads to the webinar, and we will close them on WebinarKit All in One during the webinar and during our robust replay sequence. You will mail the webinar event as well as the replay for maximum conversions. 

Step 4

Get paid! We pay 70% up front and the remaining money after the 14 day refund period. 

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Questions? Get in Touch!

As cofounder of WebinarKit, I look forward to getting in touch with you to see how we can be of service to helping grow each other's businesses.

Facebook: Stefan Ciancio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to join?

It does not cost anything to become a WebinarKit affiliate. We pay you for sales you generate.

How do I contact you?

You may contact us for direct questions by clicking the little message icon on the bottom right hand side of this page.

How do payouts work?

How do payouts work? Payouts are sent via PayPal 30 days after purchases are generated from your buyers.

Affiliate Terms & Conditions

NO self promotion- anyone found to be trying to use their own affiliate link to refer themselves as a sale will have those commissions voided.
You agree to adhere to FTC guidelines and local laws when promoting our products and services.
We recommend that you use a redirect link to cloak your affiliate link for higher conversions.
Do not send spam of any kind or junk traffic. Ad Fly, Traffic Monsoon, Safe Lists, or any of these types of “cheap and junk traffic” sources are worthless.
Anyone caught doing so will be banned and commissions voided. No negative words in your marketing allowed (i.e. “Is WebinarKit a SCAM - Review”). If we find you doing it, you’ll be banned from promoting WebinarKit immediately.
No cash rebates allowed. Sign up to the JV email list to get important affiliate updates.
Affiliates shall NOT create social media pages, channels or websites using the ‘WebinarKit’ brand name, i.e.
This is to prevent any abuse of our brand, intellectual property, and avoid customer confusion. Doing so will have your affiliate account terminated.

Payment Terms

You must have a PayPal account to participate in our program. Payments are paid out automatically after 30 days if there is no refund initiated by the customer(s) you have referred.

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