Understanding WebinarKit's Plans & Options

This page will provide clarify on our options and helping you figure out what's right for you.

Understanding our offerings may seem confusing at first, but a quick glance at this page should fully explain everything you need to get a full understanding of which offerings are best for you and why we structure our offerings this way.

WebinarKit's Plans Explained

WebinarKit: Automated Webinars, Virtual Event & Video Sales Letter Funnels 

WebinarKit is our flagship software product, letting you run unlimited automated and like live webinar and virtual event funnels. You can set up one day events as well as multi day events like a challenge. You can choose a specific day and time for a simulated virtual event, or choose to have it run at specific daily or weekly intervals. You can also choose a variety of just in time options at 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15, and more. Additionally, you can select the "instant watch" option which functions as a video sales letter style funnel. For building your funnel, you can easily create your automated webinar funnel with our built in templates in minutes, including our fully customizable webinar watch room editor. From there, you have 3 ways to ensure maximum attendance and sales: email reminders, text reminders and automatic google calendar invites. This package gives you everything you need to run effective automated webinars and virtual events.

WebinarKit Pro: Optional Pro Tools Upgrade for WebinarKit

This is an optional package that equips your WebinarKit for automated webinars and virtual events package with additional tools for an additional fee. Please note, to purchase WebinarKit Pro, you must first be already paying for WebinarKit, and then additionally, pay the fee for WebinarKit Pro. With our current setup, this means you'd be making two payments to WebinarKit (at this time, both WebinarKit and WebinarKit Pro have monthly, yearly and lifetime options). WebinarKit Pro tools is by no means required to run effective automated webinars. It equips your account with optional tools for those looking to take things to the next level. Among these pro tool offerings are additional page templates, ability to embed your webinar funnel on your own website/funnels, built in video hosting, polls/handouts, and more. You could always start with WebinarKit, and when things are going well, upgrade to WebinarKit Pro so long as we are keeping this current offerings structure. 

WebinarKit Live: Create Fully Live Webinars and Virtual Events & the Funnels for Them

This is exactly what it sounds like: Build your webinar funnels for live webinars and virtual events. Our WebinarKit Live offering will include all the features of WebinarKit + WebinarKit Pro together, but strictly for live webinars and virtual events. So, if purchasing our option for live webinars, you don't need to worry about needing Pro tools, in this case everything you'd need is included in one package. We offer the live webinars package separately for those who want it. You do not need to own any other packages to grab WebinarKit Live, you can purchase it standalone, and then optionally grab WebinarKit for automated webinars if you want both functionalities. Even if you purchased WebinarKit, Pro and Live, the combined pricing is still lower than the majority of competitors that offer a limited number of automated webinars for hundreds per month!

WebinarKit White Label: Our All in One Offering 

For those who want the first class option, we have our WebinarKit White Label package. This package includes everything you need to run your own automated and live webinars (combining everything in WebinarKit, WebinarKit Pro, and WebinarKit Live), but then also unlocking the ability to rebrand WebinarKit entirely to your own branding and domain. This essentially means the entire tool becomes YOUR software brand...that you can use to run your own webinars, and sell the subaccounts to customers and clients for recurring income and diversifying your income streams. This helps you stand out massively from the competition by having your own software, expands your earning potential and turns your webinar software from a business cost to a money maker.... all for cheaper than what a competitor would cost you for running just a few automated webinars. Who can ask for better than that?

Why We Structured Our Offerings This Way

We are generally known to be the tool to give you everything you need (and then some) to succeed with live and automated webinars and virtual events... for the best price you'll find for a tool this advanced and easy to use.

Also, since not everyone needs every feature, we broke our offerings down into plans that make sense in a modular setting.

For some people, WebinarKit for automated webinars is enough. For some people, they want the pro tools. Offering them together as one offering will not likely make sense for a lot of people, and additionally, it now means a lot of people are priced out, since an offering of the two together would be more expensive. 

The way it is now, those who just want WebinarKit with it's already vast feature set can enjoy it for a low price. Those that want to pay additionally for Pro tools can do so. The same goes for live webinars. 

Even if you grab all of these offerings together, they STILL come out cheaper than just about all competitors! But on top of it, you can pick up just the pieces you need.

And for those who want everything altogether, our White Label gives you everything for your own webinars as well as the ability to make it your own software tool, while profiting off of the subaccounts without ever coding a thing or hiring developers. And the price for that is STILL cheaper than the competitors! 

We hope this helps bring clarity to our offerings 🙂

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