WebinarKit Roadmap

WebinarKit's public feature roadmap

Check out WebinarKit's public feature roadmap below. Here you'll find a list of features and upgrades that are planned to be added to WebinarKit along with estimated arrival dates for each feature. In addition, you can also see which features and upgrades have already been added to the software.

Please note that this is not a fully comprehensive list of all planned features and upgrades for WebinarKit. As time goes on, this page will be updated with new planned features and upgrades our development team will be working on.


WebinarKit Live

Display Offer Upgrades

Planned Q2 2021

Add ability to display more than one offer during a webinar presentation.

(Pro Feature) Replay Page Upgrades

Planned Q2 2021

Upgrade replay pages to include a package of new features including footer, scripts, timer and redirect, and more. 

Live chat upgrades

Planned Q2 2021

Allow admins to delete user chat comments in live chat, see earlier messages from users, and more chat functionality.

Additional Segmentation Upgrades

Planned 4/15/2021

With this upgrade, users will be able to automatically send subscribers who watched a certain amount of the webinar (including those who saw the offer/didn't see the offer) directly to their autoresponders. 

Integration with Constant Contact

Planned 4/10/2021

Webinarkit will be able to integrate with the popular autoresponder Constant Contact.

5 Additional Autoresponder Integrations Added 


Added 4/2/2021

Webinarkit now supports use with 5 additional popular autoresponders: Drip, Mailierlite, Sendlane, Sendinblue, and Sendfox.

Segmentation Upgrade


Added 1/27/2021

Ability to see who watched 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your webinar as well as who did not attend.  Ability to send follow up emails directly in Webinarkit to these people as well. 

See How Many Live Attendees Upgrade 


Added 1/2/2021

Add ability to see how many people are currently watching your like-live webinar.

Add footers to registration/thank you pages


Added 12/21/2020

Add customizable footer to registration and thank you pages.

Public/private live chat


Added 12/18/2020

Add public/private chat option for live chat feature.

Thank You Page Upgrades


Added 12/15/20

Add ability for users to customize thank you page header and preview thank you page while building their autowebinar funnel.    

Zapier/Autoresponder data upgrade


Added 11/9/20

Send additional data to autoresponders and Zapier integrations.

Thank you page upgrades


Added 11/2/20

Upgrade built-in thank you pages to provide more customization and embeddable videos.

Registration page upgrades


Added 10/31/20

Upgrade registration pages to provide more customization and embeddable videos.

Custom thank you page upgrades


Added 10/31/20

Upgrade custom thank you page functionality to make the experience more seamless for users. Add an embeddable timer that automatically redirects the user to the watch room at the correct time.

Custom text for automatic emails


Added 10/24/20

Add ability to customize text sent in automatic email notifications.

Clear webinar analytics/data


Added 10/17/20

Added ability to easily clear data/analytics for webinars.

Clone webinars


Added 10/17/20

Added ability to easily clone webinars.

Time zones upgrade


Added 10/16/20

Reworked entire time zone system so that less work is required for users. Added additional support for time zones across the world.

Zapier Support


Added 8/20/20

Added basic Zapier.com support for sending registrant data to other applications on Zapier.

Ability to add scripts/code throughout webinar funnel


Added 8/14/20

Added ability to add custom scripts/code throughout the entire webinar funnel.

Custom thank you pages


Added 4/1/20

Added support for redirecting to custom thank you pages after a person registers for a webinar.

WebinarKit launch


Added 3/1/20

WebinarKit 1.0 launch.

Ability to Upload/Play Slide Decks

Planned Q2 2021

Add ability for users to upload slide decks directly to Webinarkit Live to pull up and share them during their live presentations.

Ability to Upload/Play Videos

Planned Q2 2021

Add ability for users to upload videos directly to Webinarkit Live to pull up and share them during their live presentations.

Expand To Include Plans For 500 and 1000+ Live Attendees 

Planned Q2 2021

These plans will be available at very competitive pricing. 

Ability to Share Screen and Have Your Webcam In Same Screen

Planned Q2 2021

Allow you to share your webcam and screen at the same time inside Webinarkit Live.

Create Plans with Multiple Presenters/Panelists

Planned Q2 2021

Create competitively priced plans that allow users to have multiple presenters/panelits.

Segmentation Upgrade


Added 3/1/2021

Ability to see who watched 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of your webinar as well as who did not attend.

Add Ability to Record/Save Live Webinar Presentations


Added 1/7/20

Allow users to record and download their live webinar presentation for later use, review, etc.

Increase Live Webinar Attendee Limit to 200 People


Added 1/6/20

Allow users to have up to 200 people live during their live webinars.

Launch Webinarkit Live


Added 12/21/20

Launch Webinarkit Live, allowing people to run fully live webinars.

Feature Requests

If you have any additional features you'd like to see, you can contact
our support desk and request the feature you would like us to add.