WebinarKit Announcements & Roadmap

Tune in for any important announcements and WebinarKit's public feature roadmap


January 27th, 2024:

WebinarKit's webinar/event funnel builder flow has been dramatically updated, simplified and more powerful features added to help you sell more while making your life easier. Watch this video to see our new just in time scheduling options, and our brand new Webinar Watch Room builder as well as embed option:


Check out WebinarKit's public feature roadmap below. Here you'll find a list of features and upgrades that are planned to be added to WebinarKit along with estimated arrival dates for each feature. In addition, you can also see which features and upgrades have already been added to the software.

Please note that this is not a fully comprehensive list of all planned features and upgrades for WebinarKit. As time goes on, this page will be updated with new planned features and upgrades our development team will be working on.

WebinarKit Live
WebinarKit White Label

Upcoming Feature Upgrades

Planned Q2/Q3 2024

We have a bunch of new feature upgrades coming up:

- (Pro feature) Chat simulator library, ability to store chat messages and populate them into future webinars

-AI elements: Get help coming up with crafty titles for your webinars, and copy for your webinar funnels

-WhatsApp webinar reminders

-Automatic calendar invites

-Support for paid webinars

Product Feature Upgrades Completed As of 1/27/2024


Added Before 1/27/2024

Since our last update, we've added:

-Brand new, simplified webinar builder flow including new webinar watch room builder, new abilities to customize colors on all parts of the webinar watch room, and drag and drop visual builder

-Support for multiple custom domains per WebinarKit account

-UTM parameters support

-Ability to have an event with both instant watch AND just in time sessions

-Customizable labels for events showing 'in X minutes" to help increase conversions

-Customizable redirects from registration page- choose direct to watch room, waiting room, etc.

Product Feature Upgrades Completed As of 10/22/2023


Added Before 10/22/2023

Since our last update, we've added:

-New replay emails & integration events: Now you can have emails send and integrations fire out based on whether a registrant viewed or did not view the replay page & whether they clicked or did not click any button on the replay page.

- We now pass two links to integrations: One that's the watch room and one that's the replay. Previously, we would change the watch room field to replay after the webinar (both links sharing one field). This was confusing, so we changed all our integrations to just have a dedicated "replay" link custom field that is passed along right away, in addition to the existing event link. (Please note, this affects integrations and Webhooks/API- not something visible in the main tool itself).

 -Integrations/automations upgrade: We've made some under the hood changes to ensure your tags/workflows/events are passed along to the contacts in your email/CRM by trying again even if the CRM we're passing to is having issues in that moment.

 -New list item/bullet point element added to the page/embed builder. This new element makes adding lists/bullet points a breeze!

-User interface refresh of the "webinar design" settings page. This should make it a lot more straightforward when choosing how to set up your event funnel in terms of picking between a "WebinarKit hosted" registration page or placing embeds on your own custom pages.

-Design tweaks to the integrations section on the webinar "other" settings page. This should make it easier to see what settings you are tweaking when changing a webinar's integration settings.

-Analytics Upgrades: More options added to the analytics page so you can better understand your data and scale.

-Official support for UTM/URL parameters. Check out the tutorial here.

-Email customization added: Now, for our built in emails, you can fully customize them in terms of text, colors, etc. beyond just text.

Product Feature Upgrades Completed As of 8/3/2023