Our customers love WebinarKit as much as we do.

Our customers love us.

4.8 Stars Across 200+ Verified Customer Reviews on G2

Additional Testimonials

"To anyone thinking about picking up Webinarkit, just do it... the roadmap is probably the most impressive piece..."

Mike Killen

Sell Your Service

"I definitely recommend Webinarkit. I have already recommended it to several friends... it is so easy to set up... it fit right into my business."

Ashlene Korcek

Online Business Owner

"Webinarkit is fantastic... I recommend you grab it now for the flat fee so you don't have to pay monthly...great opportunity, get it while you can"

Larry Lesiak

Heroic Endeavors

"These guys spotted the problems in the webinar market, and created an extremely cost effective solution that solves the problems"

Dave Rotheroe

Grip Ads

"It's really clean, how everything looks...it's set up in such a way that anyone can set up their webinar... the automated webinars look live, unlike other competitors..."

Tim Verdeow

Internet Marketer

"I just want to say how happy I am with Webinarkit. It's very easy to use...for a newbie like myself to get on there, it's easy and straight forward. Just go for it!"

Duane Kelly Krip

Ship to Degrees

"I was a little skeptical because it was cheaper than the other software options, but to my surprise it had all the features...I say 100% get it."

Mark Mattei

Online Business Owner

"Great founder's price... It's going to be a great resource for you and your business. The platform is something unique,  go for it... you will not be sorry."

Nick Amaro

Online Business Owner

I haven't found any alternative that could take Webinarkit's place at this price point. It really helped me, I'm collecting leads and converting them automatically."


Online Business Owner

"I was looking for something to solve the high monthly obligations of other autowebinar platforms...and Webinarkit did that for me"

Ron Moore

Vision 6 Plus

"It really is the first automated webinar platform that is affordable, reliable, and functional!" 

Bill Pratt

Bill Pratt Coaching

Before using Webinarkit, we did not have webinars as part of marketing or educational directives.  It was limiting us in this one area because we did not have the tools to accomplish it. We always felt that other webinar software was overpriced. The presentation of this software felt like it wasn't designed in the 90's and the price was attractive. We wanted to have an autowebinar running. Webinarkit has been enjoyable to use. We weren’t expecting it to be so easy to use. It has given us another arrow in our marketing quiver to use without having to be an expert in webinar software. I would recommend trying it out before you look at others if you havent already because you will see how clunky and expensive other software are.

James Canington

Ardent Creative

I wanted a simple webinar solution that didn't break the bank, and didn't have hundreds of useless features I'd never use. I'd looked into Kajabi and WebinarJam and the like, but they were over-engineered and didn't have dedicated solutions to take care of the traffic from a marketing perspective. Before Webinarkit, I saw it 7 or 8 times on social media and was sceptical it was an unsupported solution, in that I would buy it, struggle and then receive no help. I also thought it would not have the same features as large scale competitors. However, t wanting to create funnels that take my facebook traffic and turn it into sign ups. I've now recorded my webinar and am uploading it soon to the platform. It helped bring back the goal I had through its simple and intuitive technology. Webinarkito it. If you're actually serious about generating passive income through webinars, take advantage of tools like WebinarKit and hold yourself accountable to level up.

Hamzah Malik

Regent Branding 

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