If you have taken the time to set up your webinar so that it is enjoyable to interact with, it conveys the right points, and its’ polished and professional, it’s time to make it work harder for you. If your webinar is not providing visibility for your brand and offering the chance for conversions to take place, then it is not performing as it should. Using a webinar as well as some handy additional tools like a webinar email sequence can make all the difference in the effectiveness of your webinar.

According to www.voilanorbert.com, follow up emails are even more important than an initial email.

Simply creating and sharing access to your webinar is not enough. You need to make sure that you are creating a useful sequence of events that drives traffic to your site or to your landing pages so that you can make the most of the time and energy that went into creating your webinar in the first place.

If you are ready to learn some more about webinar email sequence use to make the most of your webinar’s performance, you need to keep reading!

What is a Webinar Email Sequence?

A webinar email sequence is a means by which you can show the audience what they will get to learn by attending, and then you can build some hype around the webinar event leading up to its release. This is also a way that you can prepare and prime your audience to be excited about the webinar and ready to get invested even before they have attended.

If you think about the hype that is generated by advertising for concerts or other kinds of live events, you can imagine what sort of excitement you want to be generating with your webinar email sequence. While not everyone that is on your mailing list will feel this excited about the upcoming webinar, if they are even intrigued enough to show up, your webinar email sequence is doing its job to support your webinar and ultimately, conversion.

Benefits of a Webinar Email Sequence

The benefits of using a webinar email sequence are numerous. You will be able to provide personalized outreach to people who are interested in your content, and you can send out personalized reminders about your upcoming events and offerings as well. Being in touch with people without being pushy is a great way to keep your webinar and your other offerings on people’s minds.

Creating the right webinar email sequence can create interest and hype for the webinar before it goes live, and it can also drive home what the value of your webinar truly is after it has been completed. You can also create a sense of missed opportunity in those who did not sign up by doing outreach once the webinar is complete. There are various stages to the use of this email sequence, and all of them must be used for you to get the maximum benefit from your webinar efforts.

Always make sure that you take the time to create and use all the steps in your webinar email sequence properly so that you are not missing out on opportunities to convert to sales or to generate engagement. This is a very effective tool, but it must be used properly to get the full benefit.

What Are the Key Components of a Webinar Email Sequence?

You can’t hope to make the most of your webinar email sequence without knowing what it should look like. These are the important steps in the process that you will want to follow to make sure that your webinar email sequence will do its job.

1. Announcement Email

This is a very important step in the process and one that you need to stick the landing for perfectly. You will want this email to include exciting information about what the webinar topic is and make sure that the topic information resonates with people and communicates clearly the value of the webinar information. You want people to be eager to sign up instantly, so this information needs to be clear, and it needs to stand out from the crowd.

Make sure that you build trust and social proof with your host choices, and if they are an expert, this will immediately influence people to be excited to attend. Make sure the date of the event is very obvious, and make sure that the location is clear as a bell too. Finish off your announcement email with a quality call-to-action that makes people feel compelled to show up.

2. Post-Registration Email

This is the email that is sent out to those who have signed up for your webinar. This needs to feel personalized, inviting, and like a real person wrote it. Make sure that this is not just a run-of-the-mill calendar invite acknowledgment, as this is a big turn-off for many people. This part of your webinar email sequence needs to confirm attendance, resend a calendar invite, and then provide a brief of the next steps to expect.

You can use this email to further build expectations by summarizing some of the exciting things that they will learn at the webinar and reasserting the overall goal of the event. You want the people who signed up to remember why they did so and to feel really excited to be included.

3. The 1-Week To Go Email

By this stage, you will have your list of attendees, and you will also have a list of people who were interested but did not sign up officially. You will want to send out this email to both excite the people already planning to attend and to motivate the people who have not committed to get signed up. It is a good idea to use this email to recap what will be learned and shared in the webinar and remind people of who the host is.

Make sure as well to explain that you know that time zone differences, busy schedules, and other impediments can make it hard to want to sign up for these things. You can now share information about live recordings that will be shared after the event as closed for those who can’t be there live. You can also highlight extra benefits for attendance, like free gifts and other perks that you are using to drive interest in live attendance. If you want, you can also ask for feedback, which can sometimes motivate the skeptics to send you an email with some questions.

4. The Big Day Email

There are actually two versions of this email that you will send out. One of them will be to the attendees hyping the event, reminding them of the time and place of the webinar, and telling them that you are so glad that they have decided to join you. This is also a great way to share links to the webinar again or links to landing pages that you want people to drop in at for the event.

The second email will be sent out to people who have still not signed up. This email will impress upon them that this is the last chance to get signed up, and you will want to restate the benefits of attendance. You can also offer a table of contents to this audience showing them what will be covered in case this gets them interested enough to jump in.

If there are any logistics like browser installs or other items that need to be done to attend, you need to inform both groups about this need in your Big Day email as well.

5. Post-Webinar Thank You Email

The webinar has ended, but your work is not done! You will want to thank your attendees and make sure they know they are appreciated. Always recap the main points that were made during the webinar and make sure that people who did not attend are aware that there will be other chances to engage with your content.

If you have named resources during the webinar, you can list them in this email for people to check out. Make sure that you close with some information about your next webinar or live event and use a quality call-to-action that will make it clear that people who are not attending are missing out. You could even include access to a private community or a discount code for a future course.

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How to Boost Email Sequence Success

So, you have used your webinar email sequence once, but not how do you make it work harder for you? Boosting your webinar email sequence can make all the difference in the benefits that you are getting from its use. You should never be closed-minded about areas that you can improve and redirect your webinar email sequence content or structure either. Sometimes you have to be willing to make big changes to see big results.

1. Don’t Rely on HTML Templates

While it can be tempting to use pre-made templates that are offered by various email management companies, these templates almost always feel disingenuous and impersonal. Plain-text email sequences will always perform better than HTML templates. Remember that people want to feel like you are talking right to them and not just sending automated replies to their entire mailing list.

2. Email From a Personal Address

 You want people to feel like you are best friends and you are reaching out to them directly. This is why sending from a personal email address is a much better idea. You will make your email list feel much more connected to you personally by doing this, and you can still manage your email effectively if you are using a personalized email address for your outreach.

3. Send Out Webinar Follow-Ups

You will want to be sure to send out webinar follow-ups so that people are reminded that your webinar was really amazing and that they should attend future events. You will want to be clear about the value that is offered at your webinars and share some of the fun things that take place during your webinar series as well. You need to remind people why your webinar was worth their time and remind those that did not sign up that they should have done so.

4. Send Out Invites to Future Webinars

If you have a list of contacts that did not sign up for your webinar, you can reach out to them after a month or so and invite them to upcoming webinar events. You probably don’t want to include the people who did sign up for your most recent webinar in this round of outreach so that you do not seem too pushy. Sometimes sending out this final round of invites to those who were on the fence can help remind them that they were considering attending, but life got in the way. If they are able to fit your upcoming event into their schedule, this reminder might make all the difference in them jumping on board!

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Webinar Email Sequences Can Make All The Difference

Inside WebinarKit, we make it super easy with tons of built in webinar email options:

webinar email sequence

Additionally, if you wanted to set them all up yourself, you can do so using WebinarKit’s native integrations and/or Zapier.

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The performance of your webinar has more to do with the hype and the outreach that has been done before it and after it than anything else. While you do need to have a quality webinar to share with your contacts, you cannot use this quality piece of work effectively without having the right preparation in place to drive interest and signups. Conversions and new leads cannot be generated from a webinar alone, and you need to get comfortable with the webinar email sequence process to make the most of your marketing efforts.

Using these tips and tricks will help you to make the most of your webinar and to see increased engagement and sales related to its use. Setting up a quality webinar email sequence can make all the difference for your business and for driving interest in your webinar content. WebinarKit is one of the best tools for your webinar email integration and more. Make sure to set up your email sequence as soon as possible to get the most out of your webinar event!

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