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WebinarKit for SAAS Companies

How Can SAAS Companies Benefit from WebinarKit?

If you are a SAAS company that wants to scale up while working less, WebinarKit can help make scaling your SAAS much easier and help with everything from sales, customer retention and more. 

As a SAAS company, you may be already delivering live demos and wanting to switch to automated or like live demos so you can “go live” less and get more of your live back…

Or perhaps you’re a software company that knows the power of webinar-style demos and wants to add them to your business, but you already know that the idea of “going live” all the time is not scalable…

Or perhaps you need help in other areas such as personalized onboarding, reducing churn, ongoing content drops to your users, delivering upsells, product education and more...

In either case, WebinarKit is the perfect solution for you, providing all the tools you need to scale your SAAS business with automated or like live webinars to sell more, work less and get a portion of your life back!

WebinarKit Use Cases for SAAS:

Give personalized demos all day without having to do them live or one by one

With WebinarKit, you can record your demo once, then build your funnel in WebinarKit in as little as 5-10 minutes (even with no previous experience)...then enjoy having prospects watch your demo all day when convenient for them, without you having to be there.

You can use our built in offers to sell your SAAS right on the demo. You can chat with viewers in the room all day or hire someone to do it for you, or you can even have the chats emailed to you, so you can answer questions from your phone from people watching at different times of the day...even while doing something like watching TV! 

This is so much easier than hosting a live sales demo, especially doing it one by one. This will dramatically increase your demo - based sales while saving your company a ton of manual work.

Capture and easily follow up with leads depending on how much of the demo or sales webinar they watched, if any

These days, people are busy. They might sign up for your webinar, and watch some of it and get distracted...or sign up and watch none of it. Or, perhaps they watches all of it and want to buy, but decided to wait on buying.

In all cases, you can use WebinarKit’s powerful segmentation technology to easily see the groups of people who watched, all, part of some of your webinars and follow up with them accordingly. 

Automate Q&A or Sales Webinars

Being a SAAS company doesn’t mean you’re limited to only running demo webinars. With WebinarKit you can create unlimited automated webinar events including sales webinar presentations and question/answer webinars... or any other type of webinar you desire to help you scale your business.

Many software companies have multiple automated webinars available from their home page. Some webinars appeal to different people. Having a variety increase the likelihood of more people choosing a webinar, putting in their information, watching your webinar, buying from you, or you having their information to follow up with them for sales in the future.

Easily automate onboarding webinars to increase customer loyalty and reduce churn

When someone signs up for your software, this is only one part of the battle. The next part is to ensure the person understands your tool and feels like they know, like and trust it enough to keep paying for it and share it with others, so that you achieve product market fit and mass adaption.

With WebinarKit, you can set up customer onboarding webinars that feel personalized to each new customers and still allow them to ask new questions in chat or have them emailed to you. 

This will help you automate customer onboarding while maximizing results from it to reduce churn, increase retention and help you grow much faster.

Share supplemental training content easily with your users

A powerful loyalty and retention tool for customers is sharing content to help them get better results with your tool.

With WebinarKit, you can easily host and share content for your users, not just sales webinars or sales demos!

Run webinar series to connect with your customers weekly on new features, product upsells, weekly lessons, etc.

These days, webinars are key to high engagement and actually getting seen. Sending email updates won’t create the same loyalty or engagement people will have in your tool.

Set up a weekly automated webinar series to drip out to your customers for new feature updates, general updates, weekly tutorial lessons and more. This will increase trust and engagement for your software and help you grow faster in an automated fashion.

Additionally, use demos for your upsells the way you do on your main software product. The automated demo webinars created in WebinarKit will work just as well on product upsells as they will on your main product.

Host case study and testimonial based webinars in an automated fashion 

As a SAAS company you may host people getting amazing results with your tool live from time to time. In this case, you can use WebinarKit to place these recorded webinars in automated fashion in your sales sequency, on your home page, in nurture sequences or wherever you want.

Easily demo and sell upsell products

Using a webinar-style demo is extremely effective for selling your software, so why not ing TV and answer questions from your phone while relaxing, as WebinarKit is working to show people your presentation all day every day!

WebinarKit Makes Scaling Your SAAS Business Easy:

Build your entire autowebinar funnel using our internal page builder even with no experience (high converting landing page templates and thank you page templates included)
No web hosting needed- all your webinar funnel pages are hosted directly on WebinarKit
Upload your sales webinar presentation or software demo once and then focus entirely on selling without ever having to go live again
Interact with your users via chat while a perfect presentation plays automatically every time
Create unlimited webinars so that you can host not only your sales webinars, but your content as well
Deliver the perfect version of your sales webinar over and over again
Quickly and easily share content, onboarding information, tutorials and more  to all your members 

Much more

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