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WebinarKit for Coaches

How Can Coaches Benefit from WebinarKit?

If you are a coach looking to grow your business by automating and working less, WebinarKit is the tool for you.

As a coach, you may be already delivering live webinars and wanting to switch to automated or like live webinars so you can “go live” less and get more of your live back…

Or perhaps you’re a coach that knows the power of webinars and wants to add them to your business, but you already know that the idea of “going live” all the time is not scalable...

In either case, WebinarKit is the perfect solution for you, providing all the tools you need to scale your business with automated or like live webinars to sell more, work less and get a portion of your life back!

WebinarKit Use Cases for Coaches:

Sell your coaching programs on 24/7 with a perfected sales webinar while not having to present live even once

With WebinarKit, you can record your webinar once, then build your funnel in WebinarKit in as little as 5-10 minutes (even with no previous experience)... then enjoy scaling your business without ever having to touch your sales webinar again. Leads will go to your webinar registration page, click one of the automated presentation times from ones that you chose, and watch your webinar at their leisure. 

Use our built in offers to sell your program right on the call. You can chat with viewers in the room all day or hire someone to do it for you, or you can even have the chats emailed to you, so you can answer questions from your phone from people watching at different times of the day...even while doing something like watching TV! 

This is so much easier than hosting a live webinar.

Capture leads and email them notifications directly from WebinarKit

WebinarKit not only lets you capture your leads and send them notifications reminding them of their upcoming presentations, but it also lets you segment your leads into different piles based on how much of your presentation they watched, if they saw your offer or not, and more. This means you can deliver different remarketing messages to people based on the input you get from WebinarKit in where they are in your marketing funnel!

Deliver your actual coaching content or updates directly to your audience without having to go live

In addition to using WebinarKit for sales content, you can also use it to create content for your users. You can send them directly to the “Watch room” as well for this, so they can consume the content instantly without having to wait for a time slot like they would if they signed up for your next automated webinar time slot.

Deliver “like live” webinars, just in time webinars or “instant watch” depending on how you want to run your business... and switch off for ALL your presentations as many times as you please

A like live webinar is when you set the webinar for a specific time, say 7pm, and everyone shows up to watch your perfectly recorded presentation on WebinarKit then. Your presentation will be recorded, but you will be live answering questions. This means you can still answer your audience in real time without needing to “go live” talking and killing your voice over and over! You can focus entirely on chat while your recorded self does all the talking and won’t make any mistakes… it’s like a perfect clone of yourself helping you make more sales while working less.

You can also set up a “just in time” webinar, meaning the attendees will come watch the presentation within 15 minutes of when they enter their information. This is perfect for having passive sales all day while you focus on other things, as people will be watching your presentation and buying from you all throughout the day without any input required.

Communicate with your webinar attendees all day without having to “be there”

Automated webinar presentations doesn’t mean leaving your potential customers out to dry with no communication. Using WebinarKit, you have two options to communicate with your potential customers whilst they are watching your automated presentation. The first is by having you or someone else appear in the live chat to answer their questions...this can help show people that someone is truly on the other end and help close more sales. You can also have questions people ask forwarded to your email, or an employee’s email. This means you could be watching TV and answer questions from your phone while relaxing, as WebinarKit is working to show people your presentation all day every day!

WebinarKit Makes Scaling Your Coaching Business Easy:

Build your entire autowebinar funnel using our internal page builder even with no experience (high converting landing page templates and thank you page templates included)
No web hosting needed- all your webinar funnel pages are hosted directly on WebinarKit
Upload your sales webinar presentation once and then focus entirely on selling without ever having to go live again
Interact with your users via chat while a perfect presentation plays automatically every time
Create unlimited webinars so that you can host not only your sales webinars, but your content as well
Deliver the perfect version of your sales webinar over and over again
Quickly and easily share content to all your members 
Much more

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