WebinarKit Use Cases

WebinarKit for Real Estate

How Can Real Estate Brokerages Benefit from WebinarKit?

If you are a real estate brokerage/firm that wants to scale up while working less, WebinarKit can help make scaling your brokerage/firm much easier and help with everything from sales, customer retention and more. 

As a real estate company, you may be already delivering live presentations and wanting to switch to automated or like live demos so you can “go live” less and get more of your live back…

Or perhaps you’re know the power of webinar-style presentations and wants to add them to your business, but you already know that the idea of “going live” all the time is not scalable…

Or perhaps you need help in other areas such as communicating more efficiently with new/existing agents, buyers/sellers, or something else...

In any case, WebinarKit is the perfect solution for you, providing all the tools you need to help your real estate business with automated or like live webinars to sell more, work less and get a portion of your life back!

WebinarKit Use Cases for Real Estate Brokerages:

Give interactive sessions to buyers and sellers of updates with your company, market updates, and other informative sessions

With WebinarKit, you can record your demo once, then build your funnel in WebinarKit in as little as 5-10 minutes (even with no previous experience)...then enjoy having prospects watch your demo all day when convenient for them, without you having to be there.

Your buyers and sellers can watch the content at their leisure. You can chat with viewers in the room all day or hire someone to do it for you, or you can even have the chats emailed to you, so you can answer questions from your phone from people watching at different times of the day...even while doing something like watching TV! 

This is so much easier than hosting a live update webinar all the time, especially doing it one by one for every buyer or seller. This will save your company tons of time since they can avoid going live with updates with clients one by one or having to go live in general all the time.

This means you'll get all the benefits of webinars - standing out from other brokerages, giving buyers and sellers confidence in your brokerage & your agency -  while still saving countless hours going live.

Deliver a perfected recruiting presentation 24/7 without needing your recruitment team to go live all the time

Save your recruiting team tons of time from having to constantly give live webinars online or in person to recruit new agencts. With WebinarKit, you can turn your recruiting presentation into an automated webinar to be shown multiple times a day, per week or on-demand so that your team can focus exclusively on getting more and more people to watch the presentation, as opposed to needing to present all the time.

Easy agent training and onboarding, updates 

With WebinarKit, you can make delivering your new agent training or onboarding program super easy and automated. Rather than making your training team go live all the time to train new people, you can deliver the training content through an automated webinar, where the clients can watch on their leisure and still ask questions in the chat, or have the questions emailed to your team for them to answer later. This saves time for your team and also makes it easier for your new agents to consume content and still get their questions answered.

WebinarKit Makes Automating Your Brokerage Tasks Easy:

Build your entire autowebinar funnel using our internal page builder even with no experience (high converting landing page templates and thank you page templates included)
No web hosting needed- all your webinar funnel pages are hosted directly on WebinarKit
Upload your recruiting presentation, buyer/seller updates or agent onboarding content once and then focus entirely on recruiting without ever having to go live again
Interact with your agents or buyers/sellers via chat while a perfect presentation plays automatically every time
Create unlimited webinars so that you can host not only your recruiting or training webinars, but updates as well
Deliver the perfect version of your various webinars over and over again
Quickly and easily share content, onboarding information, tutorials and more to all your members 

Much more

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