Still don’t have a high converting webinar set up yet...or your webinar isn't converting? Read this…

Do you want us to build you your very own high converting webinar AND funnel that helps churn out qualified leads, clients and sales on a regular basis?

From the desk of Stefan Ciancio…

Co-Founder, WebinarKit

Hi, Stefan Ciancio here!

As you likely know, building webinars and putting them in funnels takes a LOT of work.

Not just from the standpoint of creating the slide deck…but the research and coming up with the right angles to go ON these slides makes building a high converting webinar quite the undertaking.

If you don’t have experience converting leads from webinars, this could end up being a massive time sink for something that won’t end up converting in the end…

You could always hire someone on Fiverr to do it for cheap, but chances are they are just as clueless as you are when it comes to building high converting webinars.

(If they knew how, they likely wouldn’t be selling on Fiverr for pennies)...

So…what are you left to do?

We have years of experience creating high converting webinar funnels…

We know the formula, and how to set it up to be maximized for best results out of the gate…

No spinning your wheels, stuck in analysis paralysis
No spending a year to make a presentation that doesn’t convert
No wasting money on freelancers that don’t actually build high converting webinars

Over the years, I’ve been asked…

“Can you just build the webinar for me so I can start selling?”

So we are proudly introducing...

WebinarKit White Glove

Done-For-You Webinar Service

We’re going to hand you everything you need to succeed with webinars…

More specifically, here’s what’s included:

1x1 call with Stefan to gather information about your business
A FULL custom webinar slide deck delivered in Google Slides 
2 custom written emails to invite people to your webinar
2 custom written emails to encourage people to show up to your webinar
3 custom written follow up emails to encourage people to watch your replay and take you up on your offer
Exact blueprint on when to send each email
A follow up call to go over how to present & a review of all content once it’s done for any necessary edits until you’re comfortable
Full copy &  funnel setup in WebinarKit or WebinarKit Live including registration page, thank you page, and replay page 
One last follow up call to help you come up with your traffic plan for the webinar

Book your call now:

If you're interested in having us build you a high converting webinar for your business, book a time below to speak directly with our team:

We build webinars that convert. Plain and simple.

Many of our webinars see 20% conversions out of the gate…

Check out what one of our clients is saying:

Arthur Root


Stefan's webinar has been converting 20%+ of our attendees to book a demo call...and just about all of them are ready to pay the moment they get on the call. No more unqualified prospects for us, the webinar gets us MORE qualified calls with LESS work. If you're looking to truly scale, this is a no brainer."

Almost Everyone Should Be Using Webinars to Sell More.

Health, Fitness, Wealth, Finance, Internet Marketing, Meditation, Relationships, Parenting… and almost any type of niche you can think of…

A webinar funnel is a massive asset that can transform any business. The sooner you have it, the sooner you can start building your dream business while working less!

So, would you like to stop wasting time, spinning your wheels and finally be handed a winning webinar presentation & funnel?

For a limited time, we’re opening up 5 case study pricing spots! This means that when you apply below now, and book a time to speak with me, we’ll have a quick chat to go over your business and see if you’re a fit for our Webinar White Glove offering. 

If you are, we’re going to give you special case study pricing if you agree to let us use your results as a case study and testimonial. This is a win-win. We build our base of people getting amazing results with our offering, and you get a discount. 

We’re only opening up the case study pricing until the timer hits zero. So, apply now to get your application in before we remove it.

The expensive cost of NOT having a webinar in your business...

Every day that your business doesn't have a high converting webinar funnel is a day where maximum sales potential is lost.

Your automated webinar link could be put anywhere...Youtube video captions, podcasts you've been on, on your own websites and social media, shared through affiliates, ads running to it... this automated piece is just one piece of what you get with Webinar White Glove.

This one piece lets you build an automated sales machine that's selling your program, course, service or product day in and day out... using our automated selling technology that's included as well.

In top of that, you can leverage the slide deck for live virtual events any time as well, which are known to bring sales explosions due to the personalization and engagement. You build a relationship leveraging one-to-many selling vs. one-to-one selling...

I'm sure you can see that the cost of now having all of these pieces in your business is actually hurting you more than you realized.

So, the real question is, how much longer can your business go WITHOUT getting all these pieces in place?

Go ahead and grab your spot to speak with us - looking forward to hearing from you!

See you soon,

Stefan Ciancio

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a suitable candidate for the webinar white glove service?

Anyone who is an expert looking to sell programs, coaching, consulting, services. This can range from coaches, to SaaS companies, to agencies, to even professionals like doctors, chiropractors, roofers…looking to build an asset that really sets them apart from the competition. If you're not sure if your product qualifies for a webinar, book a call anyone to speak with Stefan to see if we can definitely help or not.

I only need some of this package, should I still speak with you?

This is also a common request. Perhaps you only need the webinar presentation made, or perhaps you have that and you need the funnel/follow up emails…  generally, we can work with custom requests, so we recommend booking a call to speak with us about your needs.

How much does this cost?

This is a premium service. If you aren’t serious about investing in the right assets for your business, or don’t have two pennies to rub together right now…this isn’t for you at the moment. Expect to pay, because the power of what this can do for your business far exceeds our prices…and smart business owners know that. That being said, for the value you're getting, the price is low for the time being and will only be going up, so we recommend getting on a call to secure our lowest rates.

I already have a webinar and need help with traffic/ a plan to grow the sales from it. Should I still speak with you, can you help with that?

We also have FB ads services based on our years of experience profitably running FB ads for ourselves and clients. So, we can also help you with ads and have referrals for YT ads if you need that.

Why are you offering a few “Case study pricing” spots?

We are offering a few case study pricing spots because we want to get more client results through that door so we can build our business faster. We’re happy to offer a discount to a few people at a time to do this.

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