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Step #1: Confirm you got the email and have the link for the call

You should already have an email in your inbox confirming you are scheduled. 

Inside that email you'll be able to add the booking to your calendar, and access the zoom link for the call!

You should also get an email reminder and text reminder (if you checked the box for it) for the call! Please ensure to show up a couple of minutes ahead of time so we can maximize our time together.


Step #2: Watch the demo of WebinarKit White Label 

Watch our short demo so you see how WebinarKit White Label works, ensuring we can skip the basics and get the most out of our call together.


Step #3: If you're a HighLevel user, watch how easily you can add WebinarKit White Label to your HighLevel Snapshot

If you want to get the ball rolling before your call, grab our trial for $1 now, and you can start playing around with WebinarKit White Label ahead of time, which could make our time together more productive. You can also submit your custom domain to us and if it's not done before the live call, we can set it up together!


Step #4: Grab the WebinarKit White Label Trial today so you can get the most out of our call

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Watch us on the HighLevel Podcast!

Quick Reminder of What WebinarKit White Label Can Do In Your Business...

Offer your software as an upsell on the back end of your course or coaching program for easy recurring revenue 
Easily sell people accounts that run automated webinars, live webinars, challenges, funnels, meetings and more
Rest easier knowing you've solved the problem of adding recurring revenue in your business without the usual associated headaches of doing so
Include it as a value maximizer in your offers to increase conversions
Stand out from all your competition easily by showing you are more official with your own software
Add endless new high ticket recurring profit centers by being able to offer services easily with WebinarKit to clients (including automated webinar funnels, live webinar funnels, challenges, webinar/virtual event management, and much more)
Use the software to get results for yourself as well as your clients using the power of automated and live webinars, challenges and virtual events 
Attract new clients and sales by having way more to offer with WebinarKit White Label
If you're a HighLevel user, add this to your HighLevel snapshot to increase value and conversions, and differentiate your HighLevel stack even more from others 

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a marketing coach or course seller. Why do I need this?

If you are selling things for a one time price, that's great, but it leaves a gaping hole in your business: Lack of recurring revenue. Without it, your company isn't even considered to have much of a valuation from an outside eye. This is usually a gauge of how to run your business, the way someone else would want to see it run before considering buying it. This is a chance to add recurring revenue and stability to the business.

I'm a marketing agency. Why do I need this?

If you're a marketing agency looking to add more value for your customers, stand out against other agencies, and add tons of new profit centers in your business, WebinarKit White Label is the perfect addition to help you do so. 

Is this truly 100% customized to me? No mention of WebinarKit anywhere?

That's right. This is YOUR solution, branded to YOUR company name, domain name and logo.

How do I handle payments?

We recommend accepting payments in your business using Paypal or Stripe. If you're looking for a powerful system for product checkout pages, managing sales numbers, funnels and creating your own affiliate program, we recommend Thrivecart

Do I need any coding/tech skills?

Nope! We've made this stupidly simple to use. You don't have to get your hands dirty learning to code or anything like that. If you can operate a mouse and click buttons, you can make this work. 

Are there any prerequisites to get started?

Nope! Just sign up, or book a call with us. We help you from there. This is a super easy setup process to add a powerhouse in your business. 

Do I need to handle my own support?

Currently, you will need to have your own support reps in your business. However, we provide a totally unbranded help desk with full tutorials on how to use the software 

I'm just getting started. Is this right for me?

If you're an agency or marketing coach/consultant/course seller just starting out, having WebinarKit White Label can help you stand out against more established competitors by having a software offering to sell either standalone or bundled with your courses and products. Adding a 6 month trial of your software with your course or coaching program that rebills in the future adds value to your customer up front, and long term stable income over time for you.

I'm already an established marketing business. Is this right for me?

If you're already an established business, you can pour gasoline on the fire with WebinarKit White Label. Imagine when you can get more low ticket AND high ticket recurring revenue from your existing client and customer base who already know and love you!

I'm a HighLevel white labeler already. How does this help enhance my business?

You can add this into your HighLevel snapshot to increase the feature set dramatically, stand out over the competition, and add way more profit centers and funnel capabilities for yourself and your clients/customers. Watch us on the HighLevel podcast on this page for even more details!

Can I resell accounts as WebinarKit?

This package currently does not come with rights to resell WebinarKit. You are allowed to sell your rebranded accounts. 

Can I resell accounts at any price I want?

You can check out our terms of service for the most up to date terms- currently the minimum amount you can sell your accounts for is $27 per month.

How do I make accounts? Can I automate account creation once someone pays?

You can make accounts in the main member's area, or use Zapier or our API to automate account creation. This is super easy. 

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