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Get white label & reseller rights to WebinarKit!

On this page only, you can get a RESELLER & WHITE LABEL WebinarKit... which means, you will keep 100% of what a customer pays when you sell a WebinarKit account.

You can resell the accounts as WebinarKit, where you leverage our high converting web pages and we handle 100% support...

OR, you can rebrand the software to your own brand, and sell it as your own software, without having to do ANY development work, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of project management.

Turn WebinarKit (practically) into your own software.

WebinarKit is already the best-priced webinar solution with the most features.

But now you can create fully branded accounts that use your own domain...

Essentially turning our software into your very own webinar solution for clients, customers, and employees!

Introducing WebinarKit White Label.

Introducing WebinarKit White Label.

White Label Exclusive

Sell WebinarKit. Or brand it as your own. Keep 100% of the profits.

With this offer, you stand on the shoulders of our years of hard work developing WebinarKit.

Resell it as your own product with your own branding... or just sell it as it is... and keep 100% of the profits.

White Label Exclusive

Practically your own software.

Turn WebinarKit into (practically) your own software!

Your clients, customers, and employees will be using a webinar platform with YOUR branding.

White Label Exclusive

Brand your webinars.

Showcase your logo and brand name across all landing pages, thank you pages, watch rooms, and more!

Ensure registrants and attendees are completely focused on your message and brand.

... ...
White Label Exclusive

Customize your domain name.

Replace the "webinarkit.com" domain name with your own custom domain.

Plus, easily customize your favicon so that even the icon people see in their browser will match your brand and add that extra layer of professionalism.

Ensure that registrants, attendees, clients, customers, and employees only see your domain name and favicon!

... ... ...
White Label Exclusive

Fully branded accounts.

Create fully branded accounts that can run both live and automated webinars.

Customize the branding these accounts see on all internal WebinarKit pages including the dashboard, agency, editor, settings pages and more!

Ensure your branded accounts that access the software see only your fully branded pages that include YOUR custom domain, logo, and brand name.

... ...
White Label Exclusive

Massive savings.

Save literally close to $100,000 / year for access to the same features in other webinar software.

Save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by not needing to have your own webinar software developed (and maintained!).

Bonus #1

50 accounts included.

Get 50 accounts included with your purchase to do whatever you want with.

You can sell these accounts under your own brand name. (Practically turning WebinarKit into your own software!)

Or use these accounts for yourself and your employees.

Or use them to run your own fully branded agency. The choice is entirely yours!

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Bonus #2

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Get an additional 10% off! In addition to our already no-brainer pricing, as a founding user of our new WebinarKit White Label, we’re offering you an additional 10% off if you sign up before the timer hits 0!


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Special pricing for a limited time only.

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WebinarKit White Label

Billed annually

Practically your software

Brand your webinars

Custom domain name

Brand internal pages

Limited time discount

Custom logo

Custom brand name

Account creation dashboard

50 accounts included

Massive savings

Get instant access now

What can I do with the 50 WebinarKit accounts branded as my own?

  • Use them all for yourself, your business, your employees, etc...
  • Sell the accounts under your own brand (practically turning WebinarKit into your own software!)
  • Use them for your own clients and customers in a webinar agency
  • Even if your agency isn’t about webinars, imagine the perceived VALUE when you introduce a full fledged webinar account (under your own brand) for your potential client. You come across as a massive authority giving massive value. You could show them that to get this type of thing from a competitor, it is as much as $250/mo that they save going with you.
  • Include the accounts as bonuses for your existing course, coaching, consulting agency or service packages
  • In general, having 10 accounts for the price of 1 is never a bad deal! Just having them alone is better than not, and you can use them as opportunities come up. Another powerful asset in your business arsenal.

Can we resell accounts as WebinarKit?

This is not a reseller opportunity of WebinarKit. It is an opportunity to get accounts that use entirely your own brand, to use for yourself, your clients, customers, etc. You are not allowed to advertise these as WebinarKit accounts that you are reselling. For a general list of everything you can do with these accounts, see the question above.


What happens after I purchase, how do I set this up?

Once you purchase, you will be directed to a simple page to get in touch and provide us with the information that we need to set everything up for you. We aim to have you fully set up within 24 - 48 hours or sooner!


Do I need any advanced tech skills to make this work?

No! WebinarKit will give you step by step instructions to get your custom domain working with our software!


What if I have other questions?

WebinarKit White Label comes with the same 24/7 chat and email support found in the standard WebinarKit package.

We also have tons of additional tutorials and resources in our knowledge base here.


What if I need more accounts?

You can always unlock more accounts for WebinarKit White Label if needed. Click here to unlock more WebinarKit White Label accounts.


Does this come with agency features?

Yes! WebinarKit White Label comes with the full suite of features for operating a webinar agency that can run both automated and live webinars.


Are there tutorials for using WebinarKit White Label?

Yes! Our demo in the webinar replay shows it, but we also have a full tutorial at here: WebinarKit White Label Tutorial


Can I choose my own domain?

Yes! You supply the domain and we will connect it with WebinarKit :) The instructions are all provided when you purchase.


Will my customers/clients know this is powered by WebinarKit?

It is up to you if you choose to let your clients or customers know that WebinarKit is what powers your accounts. But outside of that, all WebinarKit branding is replaced with your own so they won't be able to know unless you explicitly tell them.


Can I cancel WebinarKit White Label at any time?

Yes! WebinarKit White Label can be canceled without any cancellation fees at any time.

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